January 13, 2016

mission1Dear Friends and Family,
When you dropped me off at the Missionary Training Center part of my heart left with you. I know it’s only been a week since I’ve seen you, but it feels as if it’s been months! I’m having the time of my life and loving every second of this beautiful experience. The Missionary Training Center is unbelievable, I’ve never felt the Spirit this powerful before. I know the Savior and Heavenly Father are closer than we think. I’ve cried a few times bearing my testimony and overall just feeling my Saviors love. When you first dropped me off I was in awe with how many people around me were glowing, I can honestly say this is the closest I’ve ever felt to Heaven.
As soon as I entered the MTC my host took me to my residence to drop off my luggage and rush me to my first class where I met my District. I have the best District a girl could ask for!! The Elders have literally become like brothers and the Sisters like my very own sisters, I love them more than words can say. When we all first met we felt as if we already knew each other, we’re convinced we met before we came to Earth. There’s three of us Sisters in our room, Sister Jones, Sister Dodge and my companion Sister Allred. Sister Jones is so funny, we giggle way too much when we’re around each other. Sister Dodge is the sweetest, in a way she’s like our Missionary Mom. My companion is cool but she’s having a really hard time and doesn’t like the MTC. The Elders are hilarious and I treat them like I do my own brothers back home. They think it’s funny how lovey-dovey I am with our District. Our first day after meeting in the classroom, we went to large rooms in the main building where about 30 or 40 missionaries sat in chairs and tried to teach one investigator in the front that sat in a sofa. In a funny way I felt like it was a game show. As a group of missionaries we tried to teach these nonmembers, so one by one an Elder or Sister would stand to give it a try. None of us were really taught how to be missionaries yet but it was as if we had been Serving the Lord for years. I stood up to answer one of the nonmembers questions and I immediately knew everything I needed to say along with my testimony. I have no doubt the Spirit was the one teaching her. She kept saying “she’s never felt this way before” she was speechless. When the meeting came to a close I felt so much love for her and ran up to her and gave her a big hug along with my email so if she had any more questions. I didn’t even know her!! Being here you see everyone through Christ’s eyes, you love everyone. After the first day we’ve just been learning in class rooms and meeting with fake investigators to practice and this last Sunday my companion and I taught relief society. The food is pretty good, I;m mostly just obsessed with the orange-guava juice.. Sister Jones is laughing at me right now because I just asked her what my favorite juice was called again. Yesterday 6 apostles were here so Sister Jones and I were trying to walk slow everywhere with our cameras ready, it was kind of like an intense game of where’s waldo. Buuut I did chase down one of the guys that played in The District, Elder Reis, to get a picture so that was cool. Oh! Lat night Elder Neil L. Anderson came to speak for a devotional and we got super close seats so I’m pretty sure he smiled at me a few times cause I had a DQ smile on. Then the camera pointed to the sisters and I so we were on the big screen during his talk and I panicked and slid down in my seat. haha! I learned a lot from the apostle Elder Anderson though, his testimony hit my heart like a lightning bolt. I learned that the Savior’s name should always be on our lips. Another talk we went to was by Elder Bednar but it was recorded from a few years back. It was life-changing. I’m sorry my letter is all over the place!! I feel so rushed! We just got back from the Provo Temple, I wish I could go there everyday. I feel so much closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.I promise I’ll do everything it takes to help who Heavenly Father needs me to help. I completely trust in Them and know without a doubt that this is exactly where I’m meant to be. I’m excited to bring Hope, Purpose, and Eternal Perspective to the beautiful people of Oklahoma. ❤


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