February 1, 2016

It has been quite a week for me here in Oklahoma. Last pday my companion and I, along with four Elders, ended up playing pool at a members house. The member was a sweet old man that I was lucky enough to get to know. He told me about his wife who passed away and how much he misses her. He went on to tell me spiritual experiences he’s had in his life. One that stood out to me was when he was in the air force and the Holy Ghost saved his life. He told me he was transporting ammo in an army truck when he decided to go around this grassy hill instead of up and over it. He was afraid if he went over the hill someone would see him and he would get attacked. When driving around this steep hill, the Spirit gave him exact instructions to turn the wheel three times each for a second then jump out. Heavenly Father knew he was going to tip the truck and just wanted to ensure he wouldn’t get hurt. As he jumped out his foot landed on a small patch of gravel where he was able to push off and miss the rolling truck. The old man knew he was being protected because this whole hill was covered in grass except for that little patch of gravel. It’s amazing how many miracles take place in so many lives. Later that night Sister B and I went bowling with the YSA ward for FHE. Who knew Missionaries could have this much fun? 😉 Sister B and I have been continuing  to meet with investigators and less-actives this week where not only has their faith grown but so has ours. Along with teaching lessons and what not, we’ve been doing service for others as much as possible. We still go to the food pantry twice a week and once a week we will be going to a handicap facility where mentally challenged people fold towels for cleaning companies. The Spirit was incredibly powerful there and they were all so happy and grateful to be working. It made me realize how blessed I truly am. I love them all so much already. one man actually comes to church with us and he calls me black jacket and Sister B rubber boots, it makes us laugh. We also helped a lady move all day and she ended up taking us all out to eat. Sister B and I helped another lady with cleaning her room because she’s unable to leave her bed or talk for the rest of her life. It’s so uplifting to visit her though because she’s always smiling and happy even though she was given such a hard trial in life. Along with serving the people here on Earth we were also able to help the people up in Heaven. 🙂 We went to the Oklahoma City Temple twice this week! It was a smaller temple but it was absolutely gorgeous. The first time I took the question “What lack I yet?” and got my answer. Being in the Temple makes me feel home, it’s where I feel like myself. I had many flashbacks flooding into my mind as I was thinking about my family. I couldn’t stop smiling and even laughed to myself a few times. I kept having the words “I have a great life” come to my mind. I really am blessed to be Jessica Marie Long. I love who I am because of the people that surround me. My family will always be my best friends, my hero’s, my examples, my everything. I am infinitely blessed to be sealed to them for all time and eternity. The second time we went to the temple I was able to do sealing’s for the first time. As missionaries we are allowed to do proxy for the children being sealed to their parents. For one family there were four kids being sealed to their mom and dad. The Spirit was so powerful and I knew without a doubt that family was there. As I sat down a sister said “they have been waiting for so long” as she wiped a tear from her face. I knew she was right. I gained a stronger testimony that day of how important it is to be sealed to your family for eternity. I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have my family with me forever. Not only that but that Heavenly Father has given us Temples upon this Earth. Every time I go to the temple I realize how close the Savior really is, he’s not far from us. In the sealing room I was able to see couples seal other couples that have passed away. The couples doing these ordinances were so happy and in love, as if it was their very own sealing. I know that as we serve others we will truly become the happiest we possibly can be. I know that because serving my mission has already made me the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m already learning so many things that will help me the rest of my life. I’m really gaining a testimony of Charity and how it is the pure love of Christ. As we understand the love that Christ has for us, our love for Him increases. As it increases we want to be more like Him and help others. As we help others and focus on them rather than ourselves we obtain happiness.  Instead of focusing on yourself, focus and worry about others. As you do this your life will be blessed and it will all fall into place. Before my mission I worried way too much about my life… I had the hardest time deciding what candy bar to buy, let alone where I needed to be. My family would always tell me to stop worrying and I would never listen. From the time I was born I’ve been stubborn and indecisive. Believe it or not, my mission has already changed me for the better. I make decisions fast and trust in the Lord that He will help me make them. Not only that, but I don’t focus on myself as often making decisions easier. If we are living our lives righteously and the way Heavenly Father wants us to live, we should have absolutely Nothing to worry about. Heavenly Father will make sure all things will happen the way they are supposed to if we follow and trust in Him. Along with spiritual highs I’ve had some physical lows. I’m sick. I’m praying it just a cold but it doesn’t help that the window I’m sleeping by every night has black mold. I’m paranoid the spores have entered my lungs and will soon kill me haha! Sister B and I called the Elders and they laughed at us saying theirs is probably worse. I panicked and dumped a bottle of bleach cleaning spray on it hahah I’m surprised the fumes from the bleach didn’t kill us first. The Elders later brought us mold killing spray so hopefully it wont be a problem anymore. So earlier in my letter I talked about how I don’t worry as much.. But this is a good thing to worry about. I deserve to worry about this. Oh and more good news for the week there’s already a few hopefully soon to be baptisms and the guy I met on the plane wrote me a letter telling me he didn’t pray just that once, but that he’s been praying every morning and night! Hope you are all remembering to pray often too! Anyways I love you all and am praying for you all the time. I wouldn’t be the girl I am today if it weren’t for each and everyone of you being apart of my life and helping me along the way. If any of you need help with anything shoot me a letter and I’ll do my best to help in any way I can. ❤

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