February 15, 2016

Dear friends and family,

My week has gone by fast, it doesn’t feel like it should be Monday again! Last pday we had Zone sports where we played volleyball and Flickerball, just thinking about it makes me exhausted. It was the best Monday I’ve had so far on my mission. After sports a member took my comp and I to the Cheesecake Factory, we were spoiled. We’re still trying to work off that 5,000+ calorie meal, and don’t even get me started on the chocolate mousse cheesecake! ūüôā After dinner we went to FHE for the YSA ward where everyone played soccer. I’m positive everyone there got at least one bruise, it was dangerous. These last few days¬†have been a little rough because I keep wanting to share the Gospel with more people. We still did quite a bit, I just want to do more.¬†One of¬†the highlights from my week is the¬†disabled facility,¬†we go there to¬†help them fold towels. I always chat with a boy there that is seriously one of my favorite people here in Oklahoma. He calls me just “sister” and I call him my brother, he loves it. We could just chat and chat forever.¬†Along with service we’ve been teaching a few investigators that I know God has been preparing for us. One investigator I’m always so excited to see, He has the sweetest spirit.¬†He even told me He knows God sent me to¬†him, it melted my heart. He’s so worried about hurting his parents because they don’t like the idea of¬†him becoming a member. I¬†know he’s ready¬†to accept the truth though. I look up to him so much¬†and love that he has the faith to ask¬†Heavenly Father for help.¬†We all need to gain a testimony for ourselves, to¬†ask Heavenly Father for the way we should go.¬†We had interviews with our Mission President, which was amazing! Seeing and talking to him helped a lot. I asked him “If we knew our parents in Heaven don’t you think we knew our spouses too?” He said he definitely believes so and read me two scriptures. Acts 17:26 and Doctrine and Covenants 122:9.¬†God knows everything so we shouldn’t worry about the future. Things will happen¬†the way they’re supposed to, just make sure you’re living righteously and following Him and our Savior. You will be blessed. ūüôā¬†¬†So all this week I decided to focus on my brother and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I got a new Book of Mormon and am highlighting everything to do with our Savior. I also printed off a bunch of talks and pictures of Him. My love for Him is stronger than it has ever been. He is my brother and all-time favorite hero. He set the perfect example for all of us, I will forever look up to Him. Every morning I look at His picture, and instead of wanting to see Him or feeling as if there’s a part of me the misses Him.. I feel like He’s there or that He’s not far. I know He sacrificed Himself for all of us so we can come Home.¬†I know He loves me, I feel it everyday, especially when I strive to be like Him. I’m His little Sister that wants so badly to shadow Him. At times I mess up and He’s disappointed but He helps me back up and smiles when I try to fix my mistakes. Not only can he help me fix my mistakes but He wipes my tears when I’m sad, He’s always there for me. He really is¬†my perfect brother. I can’t wait for the day when I can run up to Him and give Him a big hug- to thank Him for Everything. I’m so grateful to be apart of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know with my whole heart this is Jesus Christ’s Church, that He stands at the head. I know that Joseph Smith restored His Church, that God answered His prayer of what Church to join. On the mission I learned that when Christ and His 12 apostles were on the¬†earth they were like a glass table with 13 legs. When Christ atoned for us and gave up His life, one of those legs broke off. As the people rejected Christ they also rejected His apostles and all the legs were slowly¬†broken off and the glass at the top, also known as the Gospel, shattered. All the people tried to pick up¬†the different pieces because they still wanted the Gospel and to follow Christ. That is how all the different¬†churches began to form. It’s not that¬†all these different churches are bad, they just don’t have the fullness of the¬†Gospel that was restored through a Prophet. ūüôā There’s so many different faiths here in Oklahoma! We went to meet with a family that recently got converted to the Church. They were telling us their story again of how they were alcoholics and how their marriage and family was falling apart. The husband said a prayer for help and right then¬†two missionaries knocked on their door! They told us how they kept trying all these different churches but they constantly felt like they needed more. They said this was the first church where everything made sense and they felt truly¬†happy. After they got baptized they said they never wanted to drink again and they let the Elders pour all their alcohol¬†down the drain hahah. I definitely want to keep in touch with them the rest of my life, I love them so much!! I’m loving everybody here in Oklahoma. Heavy black heart¬†It was a perfect Valentines Day to share the love of God and Jesus Christ! Make sure you tell Them you love Them too!!¬†I LOVE Y’ALL FOREVER!


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