February 8, 2016



Dear friends and family,
This week has flown by fast, it’s as if I blinked once and it’s already over. My companion and I have been sick all week so we’ve been resting. But when we got the energy to go spread the Gospel we saw so many miracles happen! Many non-actives and non-members we’ve ran into seem as if they’re ready to come closer to God again. One man that answered the door was so excited to see us and said he’d bring his kids and himself to church. He moved here from the Bronces and is just looking for another church. He was Baptist but says he’s always been searching for something different. 🙂 You can just picture my face as he’s telling us this. He chose the right church. 😉 Another lady we visited is Baptist too but her Church actually likes learning about other Faiths. So she told us her church has actually been learning about The Book of Mormon. LIKE WHAT?? So we’re meeting with her this next week to start the lessons and she wants to church swap. So my companion and I are hoping to basically teach this whole Church about the Gospel and help the Spirit convert them all. Hahah gosh I feel like a little kid in a candy store, I’m so excited. This has just been an awesome week. I got to see the Sisters and Elders I knew in the MTC at Veterans meeting, which is just a meeting to see how all the newbies are doing. That night when we went home Sister B and I stayed up having pillow talk and laughing again, she makes me laugh so hard! Before we got in bed I tried doing this twisty hair thing that a member told me to try. So in the morning when I rolled them out.. I literally had an afro. I looked in the mirror and yelled “Mahana you ugly!” and my comp came running to look. We almost cried from laughing so hard. On the plus side, I felt like I could relate to more of the people here in Midwest City with my big hair. Saturday we went to Norman for a baptism and got to meet a whole bunch of missionaries. I got to see the Oklahoma University Campus and geez it’s gorgeous!! I’m praying I get sent there at some point on my mission. I really am loving Oklahoma though, time really does fly when you’re having fun. I love feeling the Spirit constantly and being able to become more like Jesus Christ. Everyday is a new day, one that only God can predict. He knows who’s ready to hear Him and as we listen to the Spirit we’re able to be an instrument in His Hands. It’s amazing that as we teach with the Spirit, we’re not only teaching others but He’s teaching us as well. Remember to live righteously so we can have His Spirit with us at all times. A quote I learned is “God can’t steer a parked car.” 🙂 I pray everyone is doing well and loving life to the fullest! I miss you everyday but the people here in Oklahoma need me more. ❤
Love y’all forever,

Sister Jessica Marie Long





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