February 22, 2016

Dear Family,
I think I’m in this weird time warp because I swear it feels like yesterday I just wrote y’all. It has definitely been the hardest week on my mission so far but it has also been the most rewarding. I feel like the Mormon message about the Refiners Fire and how I’m being stretched and shaped into something much more beautiful. I have been relying a lot on prayer and have come to know how powerful it really is, Heavenly Father is always there for us. I know that prayer doesn’t always change things but it does change us. He can answer you right here, right now and at any moment. I know that God really is our refuge, like it says in psalms 46:1, we should pray to Him for help and for strength in all that we do. Something I learned in church was our morning prayers should be a preview for the day and our night time prayers should be more to give thanks. I gave it a try and asked Heavenly Father to have a day full of happiness and to help me smile all day and that’s exactly what happened. I know He’s always right there beside me in all that I do like it says in D&C 84:88. Highlight of my week is we got to go see Elder Christofferson speak to our whole mission in Tulsa. He was so Christ like and shook everyone single persons hand there before the meeting started. We were almost front row so almost the whole time he was speaking he was smiling at us. He was so down to earth and I learned so much from Him. Anyhow I don’t have much time but know that I Love y’all so much!!!


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