February 29, 2016

Dear family,
The mission really is changing me into the person I want to become, I know I’m meant to be here in Oklahoma. The week started off a little rough again.. I still laugh and smile and have a good time during the day it’s just at night sometimes my heart aches. I’m actually going a little bit through the “I miss my family” phase. 🙂 It was cool though because I had this dream where I was at home in Utah and then I realized I’m supposed to be on my mission. So I went to the bathroom mirror and told myself I’m in a dream. I was able to control everything in it! I was able to hug my Mom and tell her I love her, which helped a lot. I kept waking up after different situations in different places and thought it was never going to end. Finally I woke up in our apartment in Oklahoma and that’s how I knew I was finally awake. It was like I outsmarted my dreams.. Anyways back to reality haha one day this week was super rainy and I absolutely loved it. We helped at the Baptist food shelter again but this time we did yard work outside. It was pretty funny because all Bonnie gave us was half a rake, a dust pan, a broom and a stick. Every time we go there it’s an adventure, either I’m covered with flour or we make candy flowers out of tootsie rolls.
My companion and I have been biking a lot more, I absolutely love it. We went biking for an appointment one night and the stars were unbelievable, it was one of those moments you never want to end. The skies in Oklahoma are way different than what I’m used to, it’s the first thing I noticed when I got here. It looks like it goes on forever and the clouds are way up high and look almost fake. Same with the sunsets, they look way too beautiful to be real.
Sister B and I have been just doing the same ol’ same ol’, meeting less-actives, teaching investigators and eating like hippos. I don’t know if I told y’all but my comp is a vegetarian so I’m literally eating pasta ALL the time.Shout out to my Dad for sending me his homemade jerky!! It’s keeping me alive haha. And she doesn’t eat desert so every time we go to a members house they talk about how they slaved over this pie or something and then when my comp says no I basically have to get two servings! How am I supposed to say no?? 🙂 I’m going to have to start The Addiction Recovery Program for food.
My letters for my blog have been more spiritual lately so I’m going to tell y’all a few funny stories. This week we had the most awkward dinner of our lives. This super crazy old lady fed us her special meatloaf, meatloaf we will never forget. My companion is a vegetarian let me remind you hahah so I was holding back tears cause it was so funny. I can handle meatloaf but this didn’t even look like meatloaf, it looked like squished meat with ketchup on top. My comp got more ketchup on hers so I whispered to her to trade me and she laughed and said heck no. So I asked the old lady for more ketchup and she was like oh no that’s not ketchup, that’s a special sauce I created. She brought over this bowl and was like its mustard, ketchup and brown sugar. I died hahah my comp looked at me like please help me hahah she probably wished she would of took me up on my offer to trade. So literally after the blessing the old lady says “So guess what the special ingredient to the meatloaf is?” So everyone starts guessing all the normal things and she keeps saying no and smiling. So by then my fear keeps rising.I ate it all probably under a minute. I figured if it was something disgusting I wouldn’t be able to finish it and that would be rude. It ended up just being apple sauce so I was relieved.
Another hilarious story my comp said I could share hahaha so we really had to pee one day but we were in a super sketch area.. so our only option was a dumpster. I decided I didn’t want to anymore but Sister B was about to pee her pants so she jumped in while I had to keep look out. I started to panic while she was trying to go to the bathroom and started to yell “MAYDAY! MAYDAY!! Someone’s taking out the trash!!!” She booked it out and I laughed so hard, I’m surprised I didn’t pee my pants at that point. She then got back in when she realized I was joking. Afterwards she told me how there was carpet in there and it was super luxurious so I told her she probably peed in someone’s home. That next day we went biking again and the wind was blowing super hard so we looked like dumbos. I had my dorky helmet on with my skirt flying up so I could only steer with one arm. I kept screaming and almost crashing, I don’t blame people for staring at us. We had to go up a hill too going under 1 MPH hahah we were pedaling so fast. When we came to the crosswalk and had to press the button this loud Forrest Gump voice came on telling us not to cross the street yet and said wait 30 times. It seriously made my whole mission, only in Oklahoma..
I feel like I’m doing the “How To Lose A Trainer in 10 Days” hahaha she drives me crazy so I figured I’d give it right back. When she drives like a lunatic, which is all the time, I yell for her to stop at red lights or stop signs in a super over-dramatic way. It’s funny because we have this little automated voice box called Tee-Wee that yells at you if you’re not driving safe. I just chuckle because it’s like there’s two of us getting after her. Hahah Tee-Wee brings me so much joy! I really do love my companion though, we laugh a lot.
I love my mission more than I ever thought I would, it’s so rewarding to bring the Gospel into other’s lives. There’s so many people out there that are ready to accept it. We got transfer calls.. drumroll please………I’m going to…….Midwest City! I’m staying 🙂 So I’ll be staying here for at least the next month or two. I love this area and the people in it!! I got asked to give a talk this Sunday on how focusing on Jesus Christ has helped me on my mission. I told the Bishop he was inspired to ask me that because I literally made it a goal 2 weeks ago to only focus on the Savior. 🙂 I love my brother, Jesus Christ, so much!! I never thought I could be this close to Him and Heavenly Father! Instead of feeling like I miss Them or I wish I could see Them, I feel like They’re with me. ❤ I know Jesus Christ really does give me Hope, Purpose, and an Eternal Perspective. LOVE AND MISS Y’ALL!!


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