March 7, 2016

Dear Family,

This has been quite the week for me here in Oklahoma. The weather has been more bi-polar than usual. It goes from being beautiful and warm in t-shirts to stormy and rainy in winter boots. In a weird way I love it, it makes life unpredictable. One night we had a huge lightning storm where we pulled up all the blinds and turned off all the lights and just sat there in awe. The whole sky lights up and the thunder literally shakes the ground. It was all fun and games until the streets began flooding, hale started to hit and the wind picked up. I was convinced a tornado was coming haha I’m sure one will hit soon. Apparently every four years a bad tornado hits and this is the fourth or fifth year since one has happened.. and we’re right next to Moore where they hit every year. I’m terrified in a ‘I’m going to die’ kind of way hahah but secretly I’m super excited.
The next day we went to this members house for lunch and we literally call her Grandma, she is the cutest old lady! She attacked me with a giant hug when I told her I’d love to help her garden. She screamed she loves me and wants to keep me, it was really funny. We’ve gotten a lot of new people to teach that we’re really excited about. One is an older lady as well that we started to teach and she told us she already knows it’s true. So we asked her to baptism and she said yes. She told us how her daughter got a priesthood blessing by Mormons cause she wasn’t able to have kids and right after she got it, she got pregnant and ended up having four kids. Hahah it was a good lesson.
Okay so now for the best day on the mission…
Journal Entry
March 2nd, 2016
Today on March 2nd, 2016 around 6pm Joseph’s life changed, my life will forever be affected because I got to witness that change. I got to experience the very look he had in his eyes when the spirit burned his heart, when he knew for a surety this is Jesus Christ’s Church.
To tell the story…
Online Joseph requested a bible, little did he know the Sister Missionaries would be the ones to bring it. He was eager to invite us in and went on to tell us he has been checking the mailbox everyday waiting for it to come. Joseph told us how he is actually looking for a different church to go to since him and his family moved here from the Bronx. We were so excited to have them come on Sunday, but sadly they never show up. So on March 2nd Sister B felt impressed we needed to see him. Walking up to his house we saw two of his cute kids playing with a dog in the driveway. Asking his daughter if he was home she immediately ran to get him. Joseph came to the screen door with the ‘oh no, not them’ look on his face haha but we boldly made our way into his living room. Awkwardly standing by the doorway we began to teach him and his wife about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As time went on I could tell they went from being a little uncomfortable to yearning to know more. Joseph even ran to grab me a chair to sit down, it made me laugh. Testifying of the truth I saw the exact moment when he knew. He began to tear up and walked outside when his funny wife continued to ask questions. The spirit told me I needed to invite him to baptism. So when he came back in, still having tears in his eyes, I said “You know, don’t you.” and he nodded his head saying yes as I could see more tears forming. I said “If you know- If you know this is true, If this is Jesus Christ’s Church will you follow Him? Will you follow Him and be baptized by someone holding that Priesthood Authority of God?” He promptly said yes a few times and we set his baptismal date. We asked them if they could pray about The Book of Mormon and ask if it’s true and Jospeh told us he already knows it is. I know God prepared Joseph and his family, that they are ready for the truth. I can honestly say Joseph was one of the strong ones in Heaven, he wanted so badly to follow Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He wanted to find the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Earth and on March 2nd, 2016 he did. Not only did he find it but he latched on to the truth, and for that it won’t ever be easy for him to let go. Joseph not only knows the truth but he knows this is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
So on Sunday their family showed up and we were soo excited. The wife yelled “There’s my Sunshine!” right when she walked in hahah that’s her nickname for me because when we were at their house they kept telling me I was glowing. I told them it’s not me it’s the Spirit, that they can have that light too when they get baptized. They’re pretty excited. Joseph kept tearing up in sacrament and his wife told us how he’s never emotional like this. After sacrament we kept trying to get them to stay but they left really fast. Sister B and I were a little confused but we figured it was a lot to handle all at once and Church was really packed. So after Church a ward couple called us up and said they felt the Spirit nudge them to get to know them so they wanted to drive to their house with us. So we went over and they all clicked and we started to tell the family about Temples and Joseph got emotional again with the idea of being sealed to his family forever. So now not only are all five of them getting baptized but they want to go through the Temple in a year so they can be together for all time and eternity! My heart is so happy for them. ❤ Remember how I told y’all if I could help change at least one person’s life on my mission, it would all be worth it? Well that experience has not only changed their lives but it has changed mine too. Heavenly Father knows and prepares us all for the truth, we really are just instruments in the Lord’s hands. For those of us that know the truth it is our job to share it with everyone around us 🙂 for others to feel the happiness that we feel. I love y’all forever and am beyond happy. I’m forever grateful to be sealed to my family for eternity and to know what I know. ❤

Sister Long


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