March 21, 2016

Dear friends and family,
This will be a short letter this week but I am absolutely loving the mission and am in awe with how fast it’s going by. My companion and I have been riding our bikes a lot this week to different lessons and what not. We’re still being fed like hippos so we’re trying to run a lot more. One night after institute we were in skirts and still decided to jog all the way home.. a member stopped to try to give us a ride but we continued to run yelling “We need to get in shape! Thank you! We just need motivation!!” So the member yelled “You go sisters!! You got this! Ow oww!” As she drove next to us hahah it was so funny. Our legs were sore for the next few days. I’m really starting to love our sweet family Ward, the people are spoiling us. Some of the YSA Branch is still distancing themselves but they’ll eventually love us. I told my comp how when I was little I used to yell at my cat “love me!!” so I told her we should do the same to them. It totally worked on my cat. Sister B and I laugh so much together! This morning I woke her up with a scream and she completely spazzed on her bed. It was just pay back because almost every night this week she managed to freak me out. Twice now she made me get out of bed to go check our kitchen and living room cause she said she saw or heard something. So of course I grab my bottle of hair spray and an umbrella while she grabs a pen hahah the time before we had a hair brush and pepper spray. I love it.
Now for a MIRACLE!
Sister B and I were biking and had to go to a sketchy apartment for a couple appointments. So we locked our bikes to a fence there and decided to say a prayer. We said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to watch over them because we were scared they’d get stolen. So after a couple hours we were walking back to them when a little 6 year old sitting on a rock yelled at us. He asked if those were our bikes and we said yes, he went on to tell us he’s been guarding them. How cute is that?? Heavenly Father sent us a little angel to watch our bikes. I have no doubt prayer works, that Heavenly Father loves us and wants to help us- we just have to ask in faith. I pray y’all are loving life and remembering to keep Jesus Christ in your hearts and minds in all that you do.Heavy black heartFace throwing a kiss
Sister Long

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