April 4, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been pretty eventful with it being conference weekend and all. I asked almost twenty questions that I prayed about and wrote down for conference and every single one got answered! I know with my whole heart that Heavenly Father loves us beyond measure and answers our questions if we have a real desire and sincere heart to know. One of my favorite quotes from conference was “Life must be understood backwards but lived forward.” We need to continue to endure and remember what the Lord has promised us if we Follow Him to the end.
The Watts family have been a little distant so we cornered Joseph the other day haha. He was in his car and turned it on as soon as we pulled up as if he was trying to drive away. We went up to the passenger window and we wiggled out a few of his questions. It’s sad how many people have false information about Latter-day Saints and that it spreads like a forest fire. Every fifty feet there’s a different church, I have never seen this many religions in one area before. I love that almost everyone believes in God here but it’s hard for people to give The Book of Mormon a chance. We just keep stressing to everyone to pray and to ask Heavenly Father for themselves. The Watts family are back on track but a little scared of being baptized now, so we’re being patient and loving and are just excited to teach them more. There’s quite a few other investigators we have that are moving forward that we’re excited for. 🙂 This week we got another new investigator named Jackie who already believes Christ and Heavenly Father appeared to Joseph Smith and that The Book of Mormon and The Bible is word from God. I love hearing sweet and sincere testimonies from others and their desire to come closer to Christ. It’s true how in conference one of the speakers said “all that the lost sheep need is love”  and that we need to rescue them.
SheepHeavy black heart We need to “Love Strangers”  and remember “It’s not about changing who we are but about discovering who we are.” Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us to be happy and they will forever have their hands stretched out, but it’s our choice of whether or not we want to hold on.
On a funny note! The cops got called on us last night hahahah around 9pm we got home and saw a giant black wasp on our ceiling so Sister B and I screamed as if we were getting killed. I trapped it with a cup and paper and viciously threw the whole cup out while Sister B slammed the door. In a panic Sister B handed me a cereal box so I went back out to the battlefield and started pounding it until it was completely smushed. I realized I had a giant Broncos jersey on with my Gs so I ran back in before anyone could see. About 10 minutes later we get a knock at the door… I threw a dark blue thin blanket around me looking like the Virgin Mary and we answer the door to see cops with there hands on their guns.. I immediately said “We’re missionaries!” hahahah and  Sister B and I put on our innocent sweet faces and told them about the deadly wasp while I pointed to the ground where one was standing saying “see?” hahahah they had pretty big smiles on their faces and I could tell they were trying not to laugh. When they left we fell on the floor from laughing it was literal ROTFL. They were outside our door for a little while so we saw it as a prime time to give them a Book of Mormon and they kindly accepted!! #howdidyoumeetthemissionaries
I hope and pray y’all have a great week! I LOVE Y’ALL!!!
Sister Long

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