April 11, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,
I am officially an old lady. This week we biked hard core on an intense windy day. It got to the point where the wind was pushing us backwards while we were struggling to go forward. We could literally walk faster than we could bike. That night when we got home I went to throw on my pajamas and my lower back spazzed and I screamed hahah I think I got a pinched nerve or something. The rest of the night I had the hardest time moving and I was walking and acting like an old lady. My companion and I laughed and laughed. She tried helping me walk to my bed and I became the ‘I can do this on my own’ mean grandma. She even lifted my legs into bed and we seriously started crying from laughing so hard. One of the Elders got arthritis in his knees and my companion has a locked jaw and refuses to take medicine. We’re seriously a grandpa district, I love it. I’m realizing that it’s better to laugh at our struggles than to complain about them. As my brother Karl would always say, “You know what helps?… Complaining.” Or in conference how one of the speakers talked about how we should be grateful life isn’t easy. If life was easy we wouldn’t be capable of progressing, we wouldn’t be able to be stretched or shaped into who God needs us to become. I know I say that often but it’s true that this life is where we are tested and given trials to strengthen ourselves. Heavenly Father will never give us trials we can’t handle, He knows us all and knows what will ultimately help us if we trust Him and rely on His Son’s sacrifice. Jesus Christ’s Atonement not only gives us the gift of repentance, but He also heals our broken hearts.Heavy black heart
Trainers calls are tonight and I believe transfers are the 20th! I’m excited to see what will happen and who will stay or go in our District. We had a big zone p-day last week that was probably my favorite Monday so far on the mission. We did relay races with Elders wearing skirts while riding bikes and Sisters trying to tie ties. We did a water balloon and egg toss.. The egg toss was hilarious because eggs would explode all over people. Besides having fun we’ve been working a bunch too haha we just have fun while we work! We’ve been teaching and gaining more investigators along with trying to talk to everyone we come in contact with. I love being a missionary!! I love seeing the people I love come closer to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.
 HUGE thank you to West Mountain Ward for sending me the sweetest package! All the letters made me smile and everything in it was very much needed. Chocolate barKiss markI love y’all and am so happy to call you home.

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