April 18, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,
 It’s bitter sweet.. but mostly just sweet. Seminole is a small town with lots of country folk and ranchers!!! My dream of becoming a cowgirl might come true! Horse
All week everyone was convinced Sister B was leaving and I was staying.. so when we got the transfer calls Sister B asked where she was going and then Elder Santana was like “LONG’N YOU’RE LEAVING!!” My jaw hit the ground and I almost started crying. I felt like I had so much left to do here in Midwest City and I started thinking about all the people I’ll probably never see again.. Then I ran to the map to see where it was and started jumping up and down. I called one of my favorite members and she told me about it and how I’ll absolutely love it and she’ll still come visit me. Then our zone leader called to tell me he served in Seminole and raved all about it and how I’m sooo lucky. And one of the Elders in my zone will be in my zone again so he called and is super pumped too! I’m sad to leave Sister B and Midwest City but I know Seminole is where Heavenly Father needs me. Heavy black heart
This week we went out with a lot of different members teaching and had fun getting to know them. I love our investigators but most of them can’t bring themselves to take a leap rather than a baby step. We went to see the Watts family but this time brought the Bishop. We testified and got Joseph crying again, he knows it’s true. When we said a prayer he had tears water falling off his cheeks and excused himself to a different room. When we were leaving he came outside to say goodbye but could barely say that. I keep being lovingly bold with him haha I know it’ll just take time though. We’re going to visit them again before I leave, I know it’ll be hard to say a final goodbye. They’re going to move back to New York soon so I don’t know if I’ll ever see them again. I love the people I’ve been lucky enough to get to know. ❤ The people of Midwest City will leave a lasting impression on my heart forever.
On a funny note at church yesterday this giant wasp decided to attend sacrament meeting. Literally everyone was trying so hard to be quiet.. especially me and my comp 😉 you know how we are when it comes to wasps. Remember how last time we saw one the cops got called? Yeah. So basically I threw my hands in the air in a panic and Sister B grabbed her mouth and almost slid completely to the ground. It landed on this boys head right in front of us and the boy touched it and it flew off! Then it went to attack a little chunky boy passing the sacrament and he swerved almost running with the bread tray. It was the funniest thing ever. Literally everyone was watching this wasp trying to dodge it while gasping and giggling. Afterwards the bishopric got up and thanked the brother that caught it and congratulated him hahaha. I really will miss Midwest City. Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
I hope and pray y’all have a great week! I LOVE Y’ALL!

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