April 25, 2016

Dear friends and family,

🐄🌳I arrived in Seminole Oklahoma on April 20th! My companion is Sister Wedemeyer and I absolutely adore her. We live in a cute two-story apartment right next door to quirky Elders. I feel at home here and know that Heavenly Father loves me enough to send me to this beautiful country town with sweet spirited southern folk!
   We have been traveling quite a bit to a small town we cover called Maud. It’s even smaller than Seminole but it’s just as great. Maud has unique old buildings with a ghost-town main street feel. Driving there I was in awe with how beautiful Oklahoma really is. There’s green fields and cows everywhere, I love it. In Maud we have been able to visit many different homes , all of which have left lasting impressions on my heart.
   One family I look up to is the Kopps family for having incredible faith for the trials they’re facing. The husband, Brother Kopp, was in an accident and is unable to talk or move for the most part. The wife home schools all her children and takes care of her husband at the same time. She told us how blessed they are and how her perspective on faith has changed to a whole new level. Sister Kopps taught me that everything in this life is a choice, we can choose if our trials will make us or break us.
    I’ve already made mission grandparents with this cute Elderly couple! Grandpa Ham gave me a pretty angel winged pin and told us a whole bunch of stories while Grandma Ham spoiled us with ice cold Kool-aid haha. I also made hilarious mission parents, Brother and Sister Gould! They fed us a yummy brisket and rib dinner last night, so now they not only won my heart but my stomach too.
  On Earth Day we got to help a member plant a tree and we named it Leafi haha. Before we got to plant Leafi we had a training meeting all morning in Paul’s Valley. I love my District and Zone to the max. Being a missionary is the best, I have made so many memories here in Oklahoma!
   Oh! So Sister W and I along with the Elders do service every Saturday at the Grisso Mansion, it’s my favorite place I’ve been to so far on my mission. It’s a beautiful old mansion that’s apparently haunted. We took lots of pictures and had a blast exploring the mansion and gardens surrounding it. I felt like a princess just being able to walk the hallways and look out the windows haha.
   Saturday evening we went to Maud again and were able to visit our sweet 16 year old investigator Kylee, we found her the second day I was here! Earlier that day we went to a lady named Margret’s for lunch. During lunch the mail lady walked in and chatted with us for a minute or two. So later when we were teaching Kylee clear in Maud.. the mail lady walked in again! The mail lady is Kylees guardian! Kylee already wants to be baptized! I have no doubt there’s no coincidences in the Gospel… ❤
   Sunday we went to Church and I was able to meet almost all the members. Our ward just became a ward, a couple months ago it was a branch. I was asked to bear my testimony and loved it! I really do mean it when I say Seminole feels homey. It’s funny though because almost everyone in the ward is a Choate! In Sunday school I made a comment and asked the guy next to me what his name was to add to his comment and he paused so I said “Brother Choate? Everyone’s a Choate here.” and our class laughed pretty good and he said “No I’m Brother Davis”
    So yes, I’m in love with Seminole. The Wrangler warehouse is literally right in front of our apartment haha and everyone wears boots here. I loved my time in Midwest City with Sister B and I’ll miss her but I’m excited to start another adventure here in this cute little country town. But hey I might actually get to go back to Midwest City May 21st for Joseph Watts’ baptism! Before I left we went to see him and we testified the whole time and invited him to baptism again… he said yes! I was sad to leave because he kept saying “we’re going to miss our sunshine” I pray he goes through with it so I can come see him and his family along with the people I love in Midwest City.
    I pray y’all are having a great week and are being safe! I know there will be a possible tornado tomorrow so I’m ready to jump into a tornado shelter and make more fun memories. 🙂  I love my Savior and Father in Heaven, I feel so much closer to them! I love being able to serve the people of Oklahoma!! I’m blessed beyond measure. Heavy black heart
Sister Long

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