May 2, 2016


Heavy black heartDear friends and family,

    This week has been all over the place! First off I got to experience my first tornado storm warning!! The tornado didn’t come into the city limits of Seminole because apparently the Native Americans blessed this area way back when.. so I should be safe here. 😉 We went over to the Goulds twice this week to watch the news so we could be ready for anything. I secretly prayed there’d be lots of storms so we could see them often, I just love them so much and have made them family. I oohed and awwed at the lightening, I don’t think I could ever get sick of Oklahoma’s storms.
    Sister Wedemeyer and I had a fun scare, I’m not sure if I told y’all but we have bed bugs. It’s funny because every night in Midwest City I’d tell Sister B there were critters crawling all over me and she’d just laugh. So when transfers came it was bitter sweet to leave but mostly just sweet to get a new bed.. Heavenly Father has to have a sense of humor because the apartment here in Seminole 100% has bed bugs. Trials make us grow stronger right? 😉 The exterminators have come three times and they don’t seem to be dying so we went out and bought a bed bug bomb from Wal-mart.. we haven’t seen one since so we were happy. UNTIL a four letter word that starts with L… definitely not love.. but LICE! Sister W and I were terrified we caught lice from some loonie bins so we have been paranoid all week haha I don’t think we have it though. To be on the safe side the Elders and us covered our heads with mayo, yes mayo.
     I love this area and all the people in it. ❤ Sister W and I have been focusing on service and helping as many people as possible. We have been meeting with quite a few less actives trying to get them back and a few more investigators we’re hoping to commit to baptism. I love hearing about other peoples lives and being able to get to know people that I would have never gotten to know otherwise. I told President I want to stay in Seminole my whole mission. ❤
    Yesterday was fast Sunday in our little ward, and I enjoyed every second of it. When Bishop went to get up to bare his testimony in Sacrament I told Sister W he was going to ask us to bare ours too. He did and Sister W looked at me like what, how did you know? I laughed and told her after church the high councilman leaned and whispered something to bishop and smiled so I just knew. The High Councilman told us at the pulpit he felt the Spirit tell him we needed to speak and that “Heavenly Father is aware of you.” I bore it mostly on Mothers since Mothers Day is coming. ❤ My mom really is my best friend and eternal sister. I also felt impressed to tell everyone about hope and how important it is that we have it. I’ve been working on gaining more hope and trusting that things will happen the way they’re supposed to. Trusting in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is vital, we need to trust Them that they know what’s best, because they do! 🙂
     After Church we went to the Choate Ranch for family dinner. I got to see my the Hardy family from my last area, which was my old Bishop and his family. I love the two girls, Rachel and Kayla, we ran screaming and hugged as soon as we pulled up in the driveway. I felt like it was a family reunion because kids were running everywhere, it made me miss my cousins haha. I really do love all the people here and am so blessed. I hope y’all are loving life and remembering to keep Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in your hearts all week.

Sister Long



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