May 16,2016

Dear Friends and Family,
    I have lots to catch y’all up on! We have seen many miracles and blessings take place in our lives and in others. We have quite a few new investigators and have been working on less-actives too to help bring them back. We had a late night miracle where while we were walking home, these young boys were yelling at us and being obnoxious so we started to walk faster.. as we got home it was 840ish so decided to stay out till 9 to be obedient. While we had been walking fast we saw a man that was getting out of his truck but passed him because of the boys. So we decided we’d take a lap around the block and hope the man was still out and that the boys wouldn’t bother us. Thankfully the man was still out so we shared a Book of Mormon with him and he immediately asked us if we were nuns.. My comp and I are awkward so we said no about 4 times. He then asked if we’ll ever get married hahaha I told him I sure hope I will someday! We’re going to start teaching Billy and he said he’ll read The Book of Mormon.
    We have another investigator named Warrior who is going to get baptized the beginning of June! He’s awesome because his whole family is telling him what he should or shouldn’t do and he got upset with them and said he’s already made his choice and wants to come to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
    Another investigator is named Earlene and she’s the prettiest 80 year old woman, she looks like she could be 60! She takes care of her adorable mentally disabled daughter Lisa, who is my favorite haha yesterday she made me help her put a few utensils away in the kitchen and they had to be perfectly aligned. Earlene is soaking everything in we’re teaching her and she treats us like family. She is always so quick to invite us in and make ourselves at home. Her son is actually a recent convert! We’re praying she’ll accept baptism this week. ❤
    A sweet memory that happened on May 9th was when we had zone pday in Pauls Valley! We played water balloon volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, 3-legged races, air hockey, pool and ping pong! It was a hot day and then out of no where it started storming and a Tornado hit! 20+ missionaries gathered in this game room/warehouse as the zone leader said a prayer for safety. Moments later we began to sing Hymns, I was struggling to hold back tears as our voices were overpowering the noise from the hail. I felt as if angels were with us- that they were protecting us. ❤ It’s an experience I’ll never forget.
   Another nice note, I saw my very first firefly! I think God knew it’s exactly what I needed to see to cheer me up. I know Heavenly Father wants to teach me that life is full of sweet surprises. The more I think about Fireflies the more I can apply them to my life. My life lights up in the least expected places and at the least expected times. ❤
    I’m loving my mission and all the people I’ve been blessed to meet here in Seminole! I love my Savior and the perfect example He has set for us. I know Heavenly Father wants me here and that He always knows what’s best. I love and miss y’all!!
    Also I LOVED skyping with my family ❤ Hope and pray everyone had a perfect Mother’s day! S/O to my best friend/Mom, I know she sure did! 😉
Sister Long 


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