May 30,2016

Dear Friends and Family,

This week has been a roller coaster.. It started out great and then right when we thought the sickness was over.. Sister W caught a stomach bug. We had a few sick days, so we stayed indoors  watching church videos, sleeping, reading scriptures and listening to some sweet talks. During one of the church videos we had one of our investigators call us, Gene Owens. He is the sweetest old man! He called wondering where we were cause we told him we might drop by that day if we’re in Maud. Gene grew up in Arizona and had many Mormon friends, he actually called one he hasn’t seen in 50+ years to talk about the church! He has so many questions and is beyond excited to be meeting with us, he even said “why couldn’t you have come when I was 25 or 30?!” My heart melted. He has been reading The Book of Mormon and comparing it to the Bible along with reading other LDS books, he has such a desire to learn. We were able to meet with him after we felt better and answered a lot of his questions. It’s amazing how things happen, the less-active family that lived there moved so we knocked on his door and he’s been a sweetheart ever since! We keep getting these solid investigators and out of the blue they drop us and it breaks our hearts.. so we’re praying Gene will hold strong.
For district meeting Sister W and I had the opportunity to get a short training along with the Ada Sisters. One of the activities we did was where one person goes to the front of the room and everyone compliments them about what they love about that person. We each went up then at the end Jesus Christ’s picture was put in the chair. The room went quiet and the Spirit nudged each of our hearts. We all had such great things to say about our Savior but we didn’t know where to start! Later that night I laid in bed thinking what my first words will be to Christ when I see Him again.. I know three of those will be “I love you.”
On Sunday I got asked to speak in Sacrament again, this time it was all four of us missionaries. I talked about how important it is to be a missionary, which was a good topic because hey I am a missionary! 😉 I love the Seminole ward SO much!
A sweet moment this week that will forever stay with me is with Sister King! We brought her a large font Book of Mormon and she teared up telling us it was the greatest gift she’s ever gotten. It filled my heart to see how happy she was. Moments like those make my mission all worth it. ❤
It has taken me 20 years to figure out how to find myself. I haven’t yet found myself, but now I know how to. I have decided that for the rest of my mission I’m going to apply Matthew 10:39 “He who seeketh to save his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” ❤
I have faith there is a God, that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. I know Jesus Christ lives, I know He wants us to follow Him. I am forever grateful for this Everlasting Gospel and to know what I know. I am beyond happy to be able to bring others this happiness that I am so blessed to have. I love y’all forever!
Sister Long

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