June 6, 2016

Dear friends and family,

The mission is going by fast! Last Monday for p-day we had a hilarious talent show with our district, played sports and made planner covers for each other. I drew one of the Elders names so I made a funny cover that went well with his love for basketball and Elder Holland. One of the Elders always calls me Westbrook because he THINKS I’m a basketball all-star, he yells and screams madness whenever I play and I get so embarrassed haha. The next day was my 20th and I had the sweetest birthday a girl could ask for! I woke up to the smell of blueberry muffins and Sister W and I had a little party as I opened my packages. Shout out to my adorable family and one of my bestest friends Madilyn. ❤ My parents and Madilyn know me so well and got me everything I’ve been wanting! And where do I even begin with the Goulds.. Brother and Sister Gould threw the best surprise party for me, I loved every second of it! When we got home not realizing my words in my night prayer I said “Thank you for giving my this perfect birthday with my family.” The mission not only gives you friends, it gives you family. ❤
This week has been one to remember. Friday ended on a boom where we were at a members house and her friend tried bashing us while we were eating dinner.. talk about awkward. Sister W and I handled it very well and just bore testimony as this guy tried to convince us about Aliens and UFOs.. then he went on to make fun of prayer and tried to show us a video about a lucifer Telescope and we refused so he got mad and threw The Book of Mormon! We stood up for our beliefs in the kindest possible way and basically called him to repentance, the Spirit definitely had our backs. ❤ We got out of the situation and realized how blessed we are to be missionaries called by Jesus Christ. I don’t have much time cause we’re going fishing for zone pday today. I love my Savior and Heavenly Father! AND I LOVE Y’ALL! ❤

Sister Long


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