June 13, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

I always have the toughest time choosing what all to write about so this letter I’m going to try to summarize my whole week up!
For zone pday we all went fishing at a pond in Pauls Valley! I was the first to catch a fish and when I did I whooped and hollered louder than the tornado sirens here. The Elders ran over with the “no way” look on their faces and I was so proud.. almost too proud. πŸ™‚ I got pretty braggy and went to cast out again and immediately got a snag and lost my fake worm hahaha we all had a good laugh, that’s what I get for not being humble. The second fish I got I insisted on killing and filleting myself and an expert Elder taught Sister W and I how to hit the fishes head, all the sisters looked at us like murderers haha. One of the Elders told me I was a country girl so I asked how and he laughed and said pointing at my feet “You’re not wearing any shoes and your feet are dirty!!” I told him I’m reliving my childhood of being messy jessy ❀ It was a perfect pday to feel like myself again. ❀
Tuesday was tough because we had so many plans and they all seemed to fall through.. our mini missionary got sick and all our investigators canceled or told us they were too busy. The only person that said yes to us was Taylor Choate, a newly wed member that loves coming out with us. We tried a couple people with her and they were either not home or didn’t have time so sweet Taylor took us out for ice cream. So our day wasn’t all bad, ice cream makes everything better. Afterwards we went to a relief society activity called “Chocolate Appreciation Night” where we got to know all the ladies more in depth. We did “speed dating” minus the “dating” part haha Sister W and I joked telling the old ladies “Uhm we need to leave.. this is against the rules..and our religion…” we all laughed and were able to find out crazy things about each other. I love relief society!
Wedneday we were able to take a girl from our ward named Sariah out on a Mini Mission! She came that evening so before she arrived Sister W and I went to Maud to visit a few investigators. We were able to teach Gene Owens another lesson! He is the sweetest old man that loves learning about this everlasting Gospel. He told us he prayed about The Book of Mormon and if what we were telling him was true.. and he got his answer!! He told us a couple nights after praying about it that a man in a white robe that he thinks was Jesus, told him He was leading him to a better eternal life. The Spirit was strong, I know that Gene really is being prepared. I hope and pray he will continue to press forward on this path that Heavenly Father wants him to take.<3
The rest the day we saw less actives and later met up with Sariah to go to a dinner appointment and show her what being a missionary is all about. πŸ™‚
Thursday was an exhausting yet very rewarding day. We still had Sariah out with us and got to go to Maud again! She was such an awesome missionary and answered questions to some of our investigators and even bore her testimony with one of the less active members we visited, we were so proud of her. πŸ™‚ Later we went the Ladles of Love which is a soup kitchen here in Seminole. It is such a heart warming and humbling place to be to see people who have so little and yet they believe they have so much. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the scripture Matthew 6:21
“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
I know that it’s important to remember what truly matters and what you see your treasure as. Our treasure should be our families, our Savior and our Heavenly Father. ❀
Friday we had District meeting and had to say goodbye to our little missionary.. 😦 For the most part we just biked and visited less actives and tried to get in with more investigators. It felt like a slow day but we were getting pumped to have stake conference the next day.
I titled my journal entry “Sweaty Saturday” haha we went and helped out at Ladles of Love again and absolutely loved it. We got to be the Ladlers this time so we gave out soup and love! ❀ We didn’t have the car so one of the ladies came and picked us up and instead of getting a ride back we decided to walk… bad idea. Hahah we thought it’d be good to find more investigators but it was the heat of noon day.. Within a few minutes of leaving the building we were soaked thanks to the dang heat and humidity. My shoes had friction or something but I felt like I was walking on fire hahah and before we could start complaining I brought up the Pioneers.. so then we couldn’t complain. We thought maybe the Lord will send a member to pull over and pick us up.. and he sent two! But both times they were men and we’re not allowed to ride in the car with a single man for safety reasons so both times we said no thank you. When we got home we said yes like 5 times and ripped off our shoes. I literally have a blister that looks like a pillow on my foot. But hey trials make us grow stronger. πŸ™‚ Plus the day got better when we went to Stake Conference, which the speakers were amazing and a bunch of my prayers got answered.
Sunday Sister W and I got super cute and I curled my hair.. you know when you have those rare days where you look in the mirror and you’re like “dang, my hairs on point, my outfit is killing it and my eyeliner is perfect..” Yeah. So we went to knock on the Elders door so we could go to church and then we soon found out they walked to church… IN THE RAIN. So that meant we’d be walking in the rain too! I limped to church with my blister, wet hair and dripping makeup. Hahaha Sister W and I laughed the whole way but were secretly ticked at the Elders. When we got there Brother Grier, one of our favorite old men asked us why we were all wet and why we didn’t have the car. Sister W and I at the same time pointed back to the Elders with fiery in our eyes and then back at brother Grier immediately changing to the sad puppy dog look. It was so funny, we really did look like sad wet puppy dogs. But Stake Conference was perfect and a lot of the talks were given by recently returned missionaries, soon to be missionaries or members talking about missionaries! Lots of missionary. It was funny because recently members havnt been feeding us as much so one of the talks was all about taking care of the missionaries.. I wanted to stand up and wave to everyone around us and be like “yes, yes that’s us, take care of us.” Β Hahah I love being a missionary.
So there was a summary of my week πŸ™‚ there’s lots more but I think you got the important stuff.
❀ Shout out to my big brother Tyrel and my favorite Sister in Law Mary for sending me a box full of Hawaiian goodies!! And Gabriel for the sweetest Birthday package!! I AM SO BLESSED.
I am so grateful for this beautiful life I’ve been given ❀ don’t forget to ask yourself what your treasure truly is! And remember Father’s Day is coming up, tell your Dad’s ya love em! πŸ˜‰

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