June 20,2016

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope y’all had a Happy Fathers Day, I sure do love my Papa Bear and was thinking about him all day! He has such a special place in my heart. ā¤ I also had some pretty sweet prayers talking with my Heavenly Father, I love Him and am so grateful that He’s always there for me.
My Mom loved me writing my day summaries in my last entry so I’m going to try it out for a little while longer. šŸ™‚ I just have so much to write with so little time! So here it goes:
Monday morning we went emailing and shopping and what not. After the normal pday routine we went to a members house to do some fun crafts. I learned how to do hemp bracelets and got pretty crafty with it. I’m still trying to decide who to give my first bracelet to..
Tuesday we volunteered at the Grisso and changed the table clothes a million and two times.. We always help set up for wedding receptions and banquets and stuff but this time we couldn’t seem to get anything right haha. We kept having to go down in the mansions basement to get a different color or shape or just grab a few more. And did I mention the basement is haunted? I haven’t seen anything but I guess there’s quite a few people that have claimed to. I love volunteering at the Grisso but it slightly makes me trunky haha in my last area I was in a singles ward and we were required to attend institute.. which the institute class was Eternal Marriage.. and now in my second area I help set up for wedding receptions. Do you see my pain? Hahah Heavenly Father is teaching me patience. After setting up the Elders vacuumed the stairs as me and Sister W sat on the stairs on the main level. I kept staring at the beautiful staircase imagining myself as a princess living in this gorgeous mansion.. I laughed at the idea but continued dreaming until I realized my family wasn’t there and that I wouldn’t want a different life. My family is the greatest treasure I could ever have! I’m happy I’m able to help others learn about this Gospel so that they can be with their families forever too. ā¤
Wednesday we had Zone Conference in Norman,Oklahoma. It was sweet to be able to meet more missionaries and have an opportunity to learn more about obedience and Faith. I know it’s so very important to keep the commandments and do all that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us to do. I know if we do keep them we will be guided. D&C 93:28. I’m sad to see President and Sister Walkenhorst go but I know that life goes on and they’re needed elsewhere. I’m sure the new President and his family will fit right in and we’ll instantly love them too.
Thursday we were blessed to be able to visit old investigators from the area book. We met with a few and even gained a new investigator in mean time! Her name is Lillyanne, her and her family recently moved here. I don’t have much time.. so I’m going to shorten things up. šŸ™‚
Friday we had District meeting and got to spend most of the day with the Ada Sisters because the Ada Elders had to stay in Seminole for a doctors appointment. We did service at the grisso and for a less active! At the less actives we helped change out litter boxes hahaha. Later we went out biking again and could taste the humidity! It was around 106 degrees, we were sweating buckets. We got to teach a few of our investigators though, so it was worth it.
Saturday we went to Maud and the highlight was our lesson with Kylee! She still wants to move forward with baptism but we’re having a tough time getting her to church. Hopefully she’ll come next week!
we had one investigator come and her name is Diane. We volunteer at her soup kitchen and she’s really great friends with some members in the ward. She really seemed to enjoy church and was really intrigued with Temples. For dinner we went to the Parsons.. they are one of the best families I know. ā¤ Sister Parsons is so caring and loving and treats us as her own, I can’t even count how many times she hugged us. šŸ™‚
I love my mission and all the people I’ve been blessed to meet. ā¤ I’m excited that I still have a year left to make more memories that will last forever. Here’s a quote I want to share really fast!
“Life is a test, nothing more and nothing less. A test of love, of devotion, of hope, of patience and ultimately a test of desire.”
Sister Long

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