June 27, 2016


Dear Friends and Family,

This week has flown by! I’m in awe that it’s another Monday already, it feels like just yesterday I wrote y’all. After emailing last Monday we went to Ada to go shopping.. well mostly just to Bath and Body Works. Sister W and I were covered in a million scents and looked like goobs spraying each others elbows and asking the other to smell. (We didn’t have any other spots not covered in sweet smelling goodness) Not only do we love B&BW but they were having a huge sale so we just had to buy a new perfume. Here’s to a whole summer of smelling like pinapples. Pineapple
On Tuesday we went to Holdenville, it was probably the hardest day I’ve had so far on the mission. Mentally and physically I felt like I was dying haha. We biked all day in blistering heat and not one person let us in. One man came out and asked if we had water and we said yes so he went back in and shut the door.. then I pathetically said in a soft voice “but we don’t have air conditioning…” Our arms and faces were burnt to a crisp and my legs felt like jello (right now I could picture my mom singing “memoooories”) Yes, it was quite the memory.. Holdenville really was a beautiful town though and I’m glad we got to go. Our day got better when we came back to Seminole and went to Book of Mormon Class! We had a lot of people show up because they were excited to see us missionaries act out stories from the scriptures. I was lucky enough to be Queen Lamoni Crown we’re going to get ward members to sign up to play different parts every week with us so we can learn in a spiritually fun way. 🙂
Wednesday we got a yes from an investigator named Kayla. We invited her to baptism and she told us she’d be a fool not to say yes! I know the Spirit did all the work. ❤ I pray she will go through with the decisions she’s made. The gospel will bless her and her family beyond words can say. Sister W and I also got to work on family history now that it’s approved to do an hour a week in our mission. It’s exciting to see pictures and stories about my ancestors, along with helping them get their work done. We will hopefully be able to go through the temple in a few weeks with returning less actives and maybe even get to go to a wedding!
Thursday was weekly planning! I like planning.. but sometimes it takes fooorever. It’s good though because it’s teaching me patience haha and to be better prepared for the upcoming week. We got to see sweet lil’ old Gene too! Sariah, a member, took us to Maud to visit a few people and one of them was him. We were lovingly bold with Gene and continued to help him understand the Gospel. He is a major Bible lover and is really starting to love The Book of Mormon because of how well they go hand in hand. He even asks us for extra pamphlets every week so he can give them to his friends and family. He keeps saying The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and it’s teachings is the closest church that goes along with the Bible. We keep testifying to him that it’s because it really is Jesus Christ’s Church. ❤
Friday was eventful.. we had District Meeting but let’s just say there’s drama with some missionaries (don’t worry I’m not involved! this time. hahah jk!!) I think it’s getting worked out so that’s good. Who knew that missionaries have problems too? On a sweet note one of the grounds keepers at the church bought us pizza Slice of pizza I’m like the awkward missionary in the corner that wants to be left alone with pizza hahah jk I tried to help. After.. whatever that was.. we went to paint a house with Taylor, I sure love her!! Later on we all went to the ward fishing trip and I caught a whole lot of nothing! Yaaay haha I had a huge hook on cause I was dreaming big.. dumb idea. 🙂 I love the Seminole Ward and am so thankful that I get to make friendships that are already leave lasting impressions on my heart. ❤
Saturday was a day full of service and laughs! We went and helped Taylor paint Nick’s house again.. and ourselves. I got paint all over and Sister W managed to keep paint on her face all day. After painting we went to Ladles of Love to help do dishes and serve food to those in need. I love the feeling I get every time I’m there, the people that come in always brighten my day. Diane, the owner, is so loving!! She brags about us all the time haha and even invites everyone to come to church with us. She wants to come to church with us and the Parson family again, we’re really hoping she’ll accept the Gospel. Later in the day we saw a few other investigators that seem to be progressing. 🙂 Shani accepted baptism and we’re excited for her. I love how many investigators love the Gospel and the message we help bring but they just don’t come to Church. 😦  That has been Sister W and I’s focus lately- getting investigators to Church! I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do so much for us and the least we could do is go to Church as they ask us to. ❤
Sunday we had choir practice before church, we’re practicing to sing a song for the 4th of July. 󾓦 Church was great as always, and I had a few prayers answered! I love how church really is a spirit booster, it helps me get through the week and to continually strive to be a better me. After Church we decided to do a sad Sunday, where we drop investigators that aren’t progressing… so sadly we did drop a few. We ended up in Maud again and Gene brightened our day as always. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Spirit was super powerful! Gene kept getting emotional and is starting to understand why being baptized by the Priesthood authority from God is so important. He got extra emotional and laughed asking us if he’s too old to join the Church. We all wanted to laugh and cry together and told him that he’s never too old to join. He still wants to pray about it but we know the Spirit is touching his heart. I’m so excited for Gene!!!
Shout out to Jennifer Brown my sweet sweet twin for sending me a package!!
I hope y’all have a great week and know that I love and miss y’all bunches!
 D&C 19:23-24
“Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me. I am Jesus Christ; I came by the will of the Father, and I do his will.”
Sister Jessica Long

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