July 4, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!󾓦FireworksWatermelon
I am beyond grateful for the men and woman who have shed their blood for our freedom and for our Savior, Jesus Christ, for shedding His blood for our freedom from sin.
I hope y’all enjoy time with family today and tell them ya love em! 🙂
This week has flown byyy, is it just me or does it feel like all the clocks are messed up? 🙂 Every now and then I want to click the pause button cause missionary work is so so sweet to me. We got a new Mission President a few days ago and we were already able to talk to him on the phone. 🙂 He told us his wife is excited to have all these new daughters. ❤ We needed permission to go to the Davis’ family sealing Saturday and we have two less actives that we have been working with that are attending the temple too.. he said of course! WAHOO!! It’s going to be an eventful week because we have zone conference to meet the Mansell family tomorrow, the Temple Saturday and Transfer calls Sunday. AHHH!
Anyways this last week has been great and full of lots of laughs.
(This isn’t every detail of my week-just the highlights)
It was a pretty lazy Pday.. pizza, more pizza and did I mention pizza? Slice of pizza And I guess I should mention a nice nap too. 🙂
We had service at the Grisso again and afterwards we found a dead turtle.. Sister W shook out the rotted body parts and we went home and bleached it.. so now we have a turtle shell. Turtles are everywhere here, that and squirrels 🙂 Oklahoma is adorable. After the Grisso Mansion we went to Ladles of Love to do more service! Ladles of Love always touches my heart, there’s so many people here in Seminole that are hungry. I definitely want to volunteer at a soup kitchen after the mission. We also got to do Genealogy on Tuesday and I was able to find a line that went clear back to around 400 B.C.!! It was cool to see kings and queens and all kinds of royalty, I even found a name to take to the temple, I think she was a queen or princess. Crown The rest the day we visited investigators and then had Book of Mormon Class… Sister W and I may or may not have worn beards to act as King Lamoni and his Father.. we laughed pretty hard.
We had a mini genealogy party with a member that came out with us to see a less active. We had a good time sharing memories and talking about the importance of family. Later we had a lesson with Diante, Kayla’s husband, on the Plan of Salvation. He has had such a rough life but decided he wanted out of it when he got his little girls. He accepted baptism and loves meeting with us, most of all he loves learning about Jesus Christ. ❤
 I ALMOST DIED! We went to give blood.. I told Sister W knowing my luck I’ll get a buff dude to be my phlebotomist and he’ll jab my arm a million times.. mhm yes, yes he was like 6’3” maybe 300 lbs. Sister W and I got the giggles and I was trying not to cry. Not to mention it was freezing so I asked Larry, my Phlebotomist to get me a blanket. Sister W just shook her head at me as this huge guy tucked me in.. I was trying not to laugh so I started laughing through my nose. Larry and I had a sweet convo and he was announcing to everyone “Jessica’s my friend!” or “leave my friend Jessica alone!” “Did I tell you Jessica is my new buddy?” I swear he said my name like 15 times haha. Eventually I was done donating and he took the needle out.. I instantly got nauseated and couldn’t open my eyes. Larry immediately took off the blanket and put an ice pack on my chest and back and brought over a huge fan. Everyone started laughing saying “geez, kill your friend Jessica why don’t cha” and “Jessica you don’t want to be friends with him” hahah then Larry sang “we used to be friends and now you’re just somebody I used to know” Eventually I felt better and they told me my face and lips went white.. I was sad they didn’t get a picture. I totally almost died.
We had District meeting in Ada! We learned about how we need to be a son/daughter, servant and ultimately a friend to our Heavenly Father. 🙂 After the meeting we had to split off and do role plays.. I decided I’d be an old lady named Loretta that line dances in her front yard. You know, the mission really is hard but it makes it easier when you laugh. 🙂 When we got back to Seminole we went on exchanges with the STLs! I was lucky enough to be with Sister Washburn. 🙂 We immediately went out with a member, Sister Parsons, to go to a referral at an old folks home. We went and saw Elizabeth and her husband John that stays with her. We taught them the restoration and the Spirit was super powerful. Let’s just say there were a few tears. We’re excited to meet with them again today. We visited a few others and enjoyed the day getting to know one another. That evening we were walking home and saw a bunny and I told Sister Washburn “I had a miniature Hollandlop about this big once” and she looked at me with huge eyes.. I was confused and she asked “a wasp?” I almost died.. but kept my cool and was like “yeah, I had it on a light leash and walked with it like a balloon” bahaha then soon after she was like “look fireflies!” It looked like she pointed to Christmas lights on a tree so in my mind I was like “how do I tell her.. ” hahaha we laughed but she really was pointing at fireflies, they just disappeared when I looked. We laughed quite a bit together, she’s super sweet!
Sister Washburn and I found a shy new investigator named Crystal! She has a baby and is a newly wed. She invited us in and we taught her the restoration! She wants to meet with us again and said she’ll pray and read The Book of Mormon!! Sister W and I have over 20 investigators, so we just keep adding and adding.. Crystal definitely was a sweet addition. ❤ I need to start writing more about different investigators but it’s hard to keep track of what I have or haven’t mentioned yet. Quite a few of them are moving towards baptism, so we’re pretty excited. Saturday afternoon we all went to Ladles of Love to help Diane with an early 4th of July Lunch. Us four sisters got to serve the food and get to know all the names of those in need and have small talk. I love being able to serve my brothers and sisters. ❤  Sister W and I got reunited when the STLs left around 2, the rest of the day we did more missionary work and saw more people.
We got to sing in the choir! It was also fast Sunday so we got to hear different peoples testimonies and what they are thankful for. I felt the Spirit nudge my heart so I decided to get up, I talked about what I know to be true and then a brief experience that happened to me this past week. One of the days I was feeling a little discouraged and the future seemed to be on my mind. That evening we got home and a letter in the mail was for me, it was from my mom! The letter told me everything I needed to hear, she was definitely inspired to tell me a quote about living in the moment. I know Heavenly Father has a hand in our lives, that He loves us so much. I know  miracles happen everyday, we just have to take the time to notice them. ❤ Just like that saying of “Sometimes I’m standing in the trees and yet I still can’t see the Forest around me.” Enjoy the forest!🌳 Sunday night after walking home in a crazy storm I changed into dry clothes and decided I deserved a spa night hahah so I went to plug in a DVD player for music and it sparked and almost started a fire and blew out the lights. I swear it wasn’t apostate music!! I still didn’t want to give up on my spa night so I painted my nails with a flash light and then went to shave my legs in the bath tub rolling up my pajamas and accidentally turned the wrong lever.. literally getting drenched in my clothes. Again. It was SO funny! I still didn’t want to give up so I put on an all night face mask and cucumbers on my eyes and went to bed. Life is unpredictable 🙂 I love laughing at my struggles and it’s even better when you have someone else to laugh at them together. I sure do love my companion, no matter how crazy we make each other sometimes, she’s still my Sister. ❤
I hope y’all have a happy 4th and enjoy the fireworks for me! 🙂 LOVE Y’ALL!!!
D&C 112:10 Be thou humble ; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers. 
Sister Long




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