July 18,2016

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m so sorry I missed writing the group letter last week!! Lots has happened 🙂 I got to meet my new President and his family, I already adore them. There will be a few changes to the mission, all seem to be for the better. President told us an Apostle told him he needs to help prepare Oklahoma for Christ’s Second Coming, so all the missionaries are working even harder. ❤
One of the days last week we taught a man named Ryan. We taught him the restoration and the spirit was super strong. He later texted us telling us how grateful he was for us getting him back on the path to coming closer to God again but wants to start going to a different church with his family. It was sweet to hear that we helped him back up but it broke my heart that he didn’t want to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When we taught him, he had this look in his eyes of understanding- that it was all starting to make sense.. I have no doubt that someday he’ll accept the Gospel. ❤
We have still been volunteering at the soup kitchen, Ladles of Love, it still continues to warm our hearts. One of our investigators that usually eats there actually came to church this week, it was sweet to see him come. He’s an older man named Elvis that is moving to Shawnee. We’re passing him off to the missionaries there. He accepted baptism, so we’re really excited for him! We should be teaching him for another week before we say goodbye. We had three different investigators come to church, so Sunday was a great day. Another investigator that came was named Tammy, she is a sweetheart! She has been through a pretty rough couple years so the Church is helping her get back on her feet. The lady that we volunteer for at the Grisso Mansion, Sister Jones, actually introduced her to the church and gave her a Book of Mormon and everything! Sister Jones is a sweet example to show that we should be sharing the Gospel with our close friends and family members, even if at times it might seem nerve wrecking.
We got to go to the Temple last week to see the Davis Family get sealed for all time and eternity. ❤ It brought back memories when my family and I went through when I was little. I love Temples! I am so blessed. Oh, I also got to see Sister Ballantyne, my last companion!! I miss her so much! I have no doubt I’m making friends on the mission that will last forever.
Last Sunday was one of the best Sundays I’ve experienced on the Mission. One of the talks by President Neighbors was on how all the promises we’ve made with God can’t be kept.. except through Jesus Christ. I also learned that as we show our Faith, our personal revelation and answers from Heavenly Father will increase. Not only did many of my prayers get answered on Sunday, I also got to see a few members from Midwest City that came up for a family get together! My heart is definitely getting attached to these different areas and families.
We got a brand new Elder that Elder Richey is training, his name is Elder Ball. He seems like a nice guy. It’s weird to think I was in his shoes 6 months ago.. where has the time gone? We were going to prank Elder Ball, Sister W was going to be a nerd and I was going to be goth and Elder Richey was going to have an Australian accent and teach yoga in the mornings.. we couldn’t pull it off so instead we just had Sister Gould act like a fortune teller. We texted her information and then she stalked him on fb.. it was so funny.
Sister W and I do laugh quite a bit together! Apparently is rare to have a companionship for 3 transfers in the same area, we must be doing something right haha. I do love her and am happy I got put as her companion! ❤ One night she kept yelling at me saying things like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHAT IS THAT??” I was scared and rolled over in bed pulling in my blankets tighter around my face lol she yelled something else about a fishing pole.. I don’t even know haha the next morning she told me she had a dream I was fishing out of our apartment window. And another night there was wicked thunder and I woke up thinking it was a bomb lol I have come to conclusion I never grew out of my childish wimp phase at night. 🙂 Other than laughing and being freaked out at night, we’ve been living up the life of being missionaries! I really do love my mission ❤ I pray y’all are loving life too!
Sister Long

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