August 15, 2016

This week has been full of miracles! It’s also been full of disappointment.. like our air conditioning stopped working again. A few nights we’ve been sleeping downstairs cause of the heat, luckily we have tons of fans keeping us alive. It was funny because one evening we were sitting in the dark and I told Sister W, being overly dramatic  “this is Hell, this is what Hell feels like”. We have had way too many problems with this apartment, we might contact president or the housing coordinator to move us. My comp also got a stomach bug that’s been going around, so poor girl has been having a really tough time.
But hey miracle time!! On Tuesday we went to Walmart to go grocery shopping. We would of went Monday but Sunday night the District Leader asked us to come spend the night with the Ada Sisters to help them out. (God’s timing is everything) When we parked we saw an old man in a wheelchair next to his truck trying to wave down passing cars. He looked like his energy was fading fast, especially because it was close to 100 degrees outside. We ran up to him and asked him if he needed help and barely being able to lift his head, he said “Yes. You must be sent from God.” The Elders proceeded to help get his wheel chair in the back of his truck and then Ray noticed their name tag and in awe said “You really are sent from God”. Then out of no where a lady ran up to help and she recognized him because she was a Dialysis worker. Poor Ray had Dialysis that morning! It was a blessing that Brenda was there because she knew how to help him so he wouldn’t pass out. We all helped him get back to his house and got him settled in and left him with a prayer. 🙂 We will be meeting with Ray again this week! It’s sweet how much Heavenly Father loves us, He made sure this nice old man would get his prayer answered.<3
Later in the week poor Sister W got a stomach bug and needed to rest so we had a few sick days. On Friday while she was taking a nap, I got an unexpected call from Vida about the wedding. Her and Ray are the returning less-actives that decided to get married and asked us to help plan a little something. She informed me they last minute decided to make the wedding “tomorrow at 2” and my mouth dropped haha. I literally had less than a day to plan a whole wedding. I immediately went into work mode and contacted a bunch of members to borrow a dress, get a cake, have a sound system and even wedding decorations. I got the Elders to help and had the time of my life being the wedding planner. The Elders would come to me with every question, like where to go, what to do and if watermelon lemonade is ok hahah I LOVED IT! I got to do Vida’s makeup and got another member to do her hair and she looked beautiful!! When I thought things couldn’t get any better, Vida asked me to be her Maid of Honor. ❤ I was honored because Vida is a sister to me. Everything turned out nice, I was literally a missionary, wedding planner and Maid of Honor at the same time! It was one of the biggest highlights I’ve had on the mission, I feel blessed beyond words. ❤
I know Heavenly knows us each individually, He cares about us more than we could ever know. He knows I want to go into the wedding industry and He keeps sending me sweet opportunities along the way. ❤  Opportunities to learn and to make lasting friendships. The work is also going good, we have two baptisms coming up! 🙂 We love our investigators SO much and we really hope they continue to progress. Oh how sweet is the work!
I pray y’all have a blessed week! I LOVE Y’ALL!
Sister Long 



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