August 22, 2016

100_5966We got transfer calls!! I will be staying here in Seminole and will be getting a new companion named Sister Jackson. Yellow heart
Our president is doing this thing where he’s putting STLs with normal missionaries, so Sister Jackson is coming to Seminole but is bumped back down to a normal missionary again. I was hoping she’d stay STL so I could go on lots of exchanges every week, but that’s ok. Sister Wedemeyer actually was comps with her so she told me a bunch about her haha I’m pretty excited because she sounds like a sweet missionary. I have a feeling I’ll be here for one more transfer and then leave. I’ll literally be here in Seminole for a third of my mission!! I love how beautiful it is here and it’ll be even prettier in the fall. Maple leaf The people here feel more and more like family everyday.(:
This week has been a little rough because all of us missionaries have been getting sick and a lot of our members and investigators too. A stomach bug is going around. And to top it off I think I have slight allergy’s. I keep telling everyone no I have never had allergy’s before in my life.. and they laugh and say “honey this is Oklahoma, everyone has allergy’s here.” so I have allergy’s. The more I say ‘allergys’ the more it becomes real. LOL. It seems like it was only for a few days though! My eyes were bloodshot for two days and I had to wear my glasses.. my comp told everyone I was on crack. Hahaha I hate her. I’m going to miss Sister Wedemeyer Broken hart we’ve had a lot of laughs together.
Our investigators are doing well for the most part! I think the next investigator to go through with baptism will be Elvis. He ended up staying here in Seminole but sadly has had more health problems. The Elders have been awesome though and gave him a blessing along with two others yesterday. I love Priesthood blessings, I know it really is a blessing from our Heavenly Father.
Our ward decided to celebrate Pioneer day on Saturday! Better late than never right?
Ear of maize I made a doll out of corn husks! It was creepy at first.. It’s actually really pretty and unique, I’ll have to send a picture! We also got to be the chili cook off judges! Somehow the two youngest competitors won haha I guess we have some future chefs to look out for. CustardMan with turban(LOL couldn’t find a chef emoji so this’ll have to do..)
Well I hope y’all know how much Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father love y’all. They sure do have a hand in our lives and desire for us to be happy! 🙂 So be happy!! Fall is just around the corner so get yourself some hot cocoa, a blanket, fuzzy socks and a nice Book of Mormon.
 I love all y’all pumpkins! Jack-o-lanternWinking face
Sister Jessica Long

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