September 5, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

Where do I begin?? First off… I was in my very first EARTHQUAKE!! It was early in the morning and I was on exchanges with Sister Herrin, a brand new missionary. We were laying on the floor stretching when the whole apartment started shaking and making cracking sounds. At first we were in shock and then once realizing what it was, we bursted out the front door. IT WAS AWESOME! Now I can mark that off my bucket list. 🙂
Sister Herrin and I had a good time on exchanges, she is such a cutie! One less active we went to visit asked if we could put her mail out… right when I looked out the door the mail man was driving away. So of course Sister Herrin and I went beast mode and started sprinting after the mailman. I kept screaming “Mailman!! Mailman!!” we swear he was at each box for 0.2 seconds and then zoomed off like a maniac. We ran probably a quarter of a mile in skirts until finally he saw us in his mirrors and stopped, he laughed when we handed him the letter out of breathe. He was nice though and we talked to him for a couple minutes, he reminded me of the cop off of the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Sister Herrin and I also met a man with a hairy eye, that’s a different story. Him and his family are now investigating the church and are planning on coming! 🙂
Sister Jackson and I are doing great! We are busy as ever and are seeing a lot of success already!! Elvis Corona (yes, that is his real name) is still wanting to be baptized. 🙂 Today we will be teaching him the Word of Wisdom, which should be good because if you couldn’t guess by his last name, he loves corona. He really wants to change though, I have no doubt he’s ready for the gospel. 🙂  Ed and Linda are as funny as ever. Every time we meet with them they act like family ❤ Linda is an okie talker, I love her for it cause I’m one too! We could just talk and talk and talk. Ed this last lesson joined in and got emotional, which was huge for him. He even said the closing prayer, I think it might have been his very first prayer out loud. ❤ I love hearing investigators pray. Becky was drunk at her last lesson at a members house.. which was interesting hahah I didn’t know the “Meet The Mormons” video was that funny. 😉 Her 18 year old daughter just met with us last week though and now JoAnna is a new investigator!! Come to find out she’s good friends with a member, Sara. So we will be going back to teach JoAnna with Sara. 🙂 Tammy is doing great as well and is working towards baptism, she’s good friends with Sister Jones and has been coming to church!! We meet with her twice a week, I just love her to death. Gene is still old. Still cute. And still not coming to church. We need to get him to come!! This last lesson he had a kitten and he let me name it “cookie dough” but I think it died… he said he’d name the next one cookie dough. Ahhh I don’t have much time but we also have another investigator we just got named Avery, he already believes the Book of Mormon is true!
On another note I adopted a crazy black stray cat!! At first I thought it was a skunk cause her tail is huge and fluffy.. It hangs out by our apartment and I named it Oreo. Elder Ball is it’s uncle and spoils her with Spaghetti. 🙂 Richey and Jackson secretly love her too. Cat face
I hope and pray y’all have a sweet week full of sweet surprises!!! ❤ LOVE Y’ALL!
Sister Long 


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