September 12, 2016


Dear Friends and Family,

It’s fall! It’s fall!! It’s been cooler here and I am just in my own hot cocoa paradise. The leaves are starting to fall but they’re not changing colors yet. One evening we walked up to one of our neighbors outside raking leaves and offered to help. He’s a cute old man named Harvey Young. He told us how the boy missionaries actually saved his cat a few weeks ago and my jaw hit the ground cause I remembered the Elders telling me the story! The Elders saw a cat stuck underneath his car and waved him down and Elder Richey went into hero mode and saved the poor cat. The cats paws were all torn up but Harvey took her to the vet and she’s healed up now. Harvey literally has over 20 stray cats and like 10 kittens that he leaves food out for every day. He has such a big heart!! He told us how he can’t bring himself to even kill insects.. I wanted to hug him! Hahaha awe. He told us how he watches BYU tv and that he’s been to Temple Square and he knows more about Brigham Young then we do! We’re hoping to start teaching him soon. 🙂
We have another Investigator named Avery and he is beyond ready for the Gospel. He wants to be baptized on his 35th Birthday! He keeps saying how he knows it’s all true and keeps expressing his gratitude for us, it makes me want to cry. Gosh, I’m so excited for him!
Tammy is still working towards her bap date 🙂 we have a girls night with her and a member Wednesday to watch 17 miracles and eat pizza. Tammy is the cutest, she’s making us each either a purse or pillow case and will embroider on it as well. Everyone here is so crafty, they all embroider, crochet, quilt and knit.. I need to step up my game and become more of a woman!
Elvis’ bap date is the soonest! He’s been ready! We have been going over the baptism questions with him and he is almost all set. 🙂 He is excited. He even seems like a different person.. it’s amazing to see someone change right before your eyes. I got a glimpse of what Heavenly Father gets to see in all of us throughout our lifetimes.
I’ve learned more than ever, that there are no coincidences in the Gospel. One day we went to house and it looked so familiar to me.. I looked down and saw a penny heads up! I picked it up and knocked on the door.. no one answered. So we started walking back to the car when the men we were talking to across the street earlier told us that that was their truck coming up the road. We thanked them and ran up to the red truck. Two young men got out and one of them told us him and his wife just moved in and he walked in the house not seeming too interested. His friend, Roy Smith, on the other hand acted like he already knew us! He told us he’s had a lot of trials recently, the hardest being his Dad passing away. He went on to tell us he feels his Dad sent us to him. Roy, nor his father was ever Mormon but he still feels his Dad sent us!! He desires to learn more and is meeting with us in a couple days at the church. He was so genuine, and was able to joke and treat us like friends. It was one of the coolest experiences on the mission because right off the bat he seemed ready. And that whole time I had that lucky penny in my hand..  I’m going to give him that penny at his baptism.
Church this week seemed to be all about Charity and serving others! I know if you serve others, especially those you love, your worries go away. Not only are you happier but you feel closer to Jesus Christ, as if He’s right there next to you. So do sweet acts of kindness throughout the week just because! Face throwing a kiss Your life will fall into place as you strive to become more like Him. Show love for those around you by serving!!
 I pray y’all have a blessed week ❤ I love you! Remember.. if you see a penny, pick it up! Then all day you’ll have good luck! 😉
Sister Long
(P.S. Heavenly Father is aware of you, He loves you. AND He wants to hear from you.)

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