September 19,2016


Dear Friends and Family,

This transfer is going by pretty fast! I have a feeling I’ll be transferred in a few weeks, I’ll have been in Seminole for a third of my mission. CRAZY. Sister Jackson and I are seeing a lot of success and are excited to see different baptisms coming up. Trey being one of them!!
Trey came to church yesterday for the first time and already fits in perfectly with the ward. He was pretty nervous but it wasn’t long before he relaxed and was his funny self again. He loves having lessons with us, he usually asks us when we can meet next before we do haha. Trey sent us a sweet text after our first lesson saying how thankful he was and that he wants to possibly become a member. We are so excited for him! Trey’s uncle and one of his high school buddies are also members so they’re supporting him along the way too. I have no doubt Trey has found what his Dad wants for him and what he’s been lookin’ for. 🙂
We had zone conference this week and I loved every second of it! President and Sister Mansell gave awesome trainings about deciding what characteristics we most have and knowing we’re successful missionaries. 🙂 Presidents training on characteristics was cool because I found out I’m expressive! Lol everyone says I’m amiable but I feel like I’m expressive and President thought so too. We’re learning about analytical, expressive, amiable and driver personalities so we can best know how to teach everyone in Oklahoma. It makes complete sense!! I love the way President and Sister Mansell think lol one of their main focus’ is to make sure the mission helps us with the rest of our lives. They’re not afraid to talk about the future with us and to help us see how to become the best spouses and parents someday. The mission won’t end after 18 months or 2 years! President said “The way we live our missions is the way we’ll live our lives”
If the mission is how I’ll live my life then the rest of my life I’m going to kill spiders and talk like an Okie lol! One of the days we had service at the Grisso Mansion we found a giant banana spider and decided to find insects to feed it.. nasty fun. Elder Richey is terrified of spiders, it was sooo funny to see him scream. Elder Ball was getting the hose ready while I got a stick and tried pulling the web back to launch it towards Richey LOL. After feeding it it’s last meal of a baby spider and a grasshopper we decided to kill it. We got wasp spray but the thing wouldn’t die!! Eventually we got it off the web and dropped a cement block on it 5 times. I’ll send pictures. 🙂 Also the little ball that looks like an evil crown on top is the spiders babies.. we haven’t killed them yet.. TO BE CONTINUED
On a nicer more innocent note.. This week I also got to go on exchanges with Sister K! She is from Australia and has the sweetest accent. I love hearing stories of how some missionaries decide to serve missions, especially when they’re converts. We ended off our sweet exchange with Braums icecream. Soft ice cream
I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us and want the best for us. ❤ Don’t forget CPR to keep you alive-> Church, Pray, Read!! Winking face LOVE Y’ALL, HAVE A BLESSED WEEK!
Sister Long

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