September 26, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

IT’S FALL!! Maple leafHot beverage
This past week has been busy busy but very sweet. One of the highlights was Woman’s Conference, it made me feel empowered to be the best Daughter, Friend, Missionary and example to all those around me. At one point I started to tear up wondering if my Mom was fighting back tears too hahah I sure love and miss my family. Heart with arrow JoAnn, one of our investigators along with a less active named Tanya came up to the church and watched woman’s conference with us in the little genealogy room. We even chowed down on old popsicles left in the freezer haha.
Before conference we went to the Akins for dinner with our investigator Trey. He told us that he wants to ask his ex wife if he can start bringing his little kids to church too!! After we all ate we started to watch Meet The Mormons and he totally fell asleep. It was SO funny! Gosh, one appointment we’ll have a drunk lady laughing like a lunatic at Meet The Mormons and the next we’ll have someone fall asleep. Trey is solid though, he already believes in The Book of Mormon and that we have a Prophet today! In Gospel Principles and apparently Priesthood he was making more comments than anyone else and they all sounded like Mormon comments lol I have no doubt he’ll get baptized.
Speaking of baptisms.. Elvis Corona got baptized!! He had such a sweet program and his step son even came! David told us he wants to start coming to church and bring his wife and kids!! Elvis is already being an example to his family and has changed so much from the time we first met him. He has a testimony of the Gospel for sure. Afterwards we all had pie and gabbed, then us and Elvis took David on a mini church tour where Elvis was our guide. I love being a missionary.
Oh, and us missionaries spoke in Sacrament! I talked about how Jesus Christ helps us all to become better missionaries. I know he not only helps me to become a better missionary but he is the reason for my mission. I love Him and my Heavenly Father more than words can say. I am beyond thankful for this beautiful life I’ve been given and for the opportunity I have to serve the fun lovin’ people of good ol’ Oklahoma.
I pray y’all enjoy this time of year, I know I sure do. Have a blessed week!
Yours Truly,
Sister Jessica Long


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