October 11, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

CHICKASHA IS AMAZING! Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
My companion is Sister Webber! We laugh so much together and we’ve already had more adventures than we can count.  Pink washing isn’t as hard as I thought it’d be lol we’re actually loving it. Elder Holcome and Elder Radar took us under their wings for two days just to help us meet a lot of different people, they’re nice sometimes. And did I mention they treat us like royalty? Our first day they brought us cupcakes and fake spider webs and they open our car doors for us! We also had an adventure of taking a picture with someones fake bigfoot in their front yard.. and then Elder Holcome remembered he needed to water his pumpkins. So we stopped at his community garden where he went into garden mode LOL I guess the Mayor put him in charge of it. So random. We got to visit a lot of members, less actives and investigators though! Everyone is incredibly sweet here, they might not have southern accents but they sure do have southern hospitality. One lady even taught us how to do self-defense with a key and held keys to our throats.. that was nice of her LOL.
The next day we got to do service for “Friends For Change” which is an animal adoption group. We got to help animals get spayed and neutered!! Our job was to help comfort the dogs when they come out of anesthesia, I loved it. I got to lay down with the dogs and cuddle them. We even got to take the dogs waiting out for a walk and talk to other people there.
 It’s weird being in a District where it’s only us and two other Elders! The APs came to our last District meeting though so that was fun, and then we went out to eat after.
Did I mention we have already gained four new investigators!?! Three of them we met at a gorgeous park where they were fishing; AJ, Jacob and Riobe. We talked to them like we were already best buds and shared the restoration. They were very interested and had us meet with them the next day around the same time to teach them the Plan of Salvation! We’re excited to see how much the Gospel will change their lives.
So I’m emailing today on a Tuesday because yesterday morning we had a zone meeting two hours away in Ardmore and Zone Pday afterwards! We went to this center where we had bouncy houses, sumo wrestling competitions, and a bull riding machine! Sister Webber and I got in the Sumo outfits and tried getting into a bouncy house to fight hahahah Sister Webber was stuck in the entrance part of the bouncy house while I was patiently waiting until President pushed me into her and I fell down on the ground! I couldn’t get up hahah he thought it was so funny and started to film me being pathetic. Eventually I got up and into the bouncy house and went hard core fighter mode and body slammed her a bunch bahaha I am so sore. Zone Pday was a blast!! We made Elder Holcome get on the bull and blasted the speed up to ten and he screamed like a little girl. Oh my gosh I’m laughing at the computer just thinking about it. I love being a missionary.
I pray y’all have a sweet week Heavy black heart Love y’all!
Sister Long

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