November 7, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

This has been the hardest week! I got sick one of the days in multiple parking lots and my uvula hurts LOL 😷 but we’ve also seen some sweet miracles!! Opposition in all things right? 😉 One day after dinner at a members house we were walking out and saw the neighbor working on his car. We walked right up to him and talked for a good 10-15 minutes! Labinot is from Albania and is very charming hahaha he literally made us giggle at every comment he made.. including his favorite color being red 😂  We invited him to church and come to find out his ex wife and kids are Mormon!! He told us we can come back whenever and that he’ll try to come to church. Then fast forward to this Sunday.. the Reynolds that are neighbors to him that fed us told us that they actually felt strongly impressed by the Spirit multiple times to talk to him about the church when he first moved in! We’re so excited cause we gained quite a few investigators this week that seem promising. 🙂 Well I don’t have anymore time but I want y’all to know I love y’all so much!!!! ❤ I hope y’all have a blessed week.
Sister Jessica Long
(P.S. we got to help out with Puppy adoptions and we felt another Earthquake! Wahoo!)

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