November 28,2016


Dear Friends and Family,

Thanksgiving was a day to remember! We started off at the Kings house where we played with their sweet kids, all 50 of them haha. We adore the Kings, they always treat us like family. After coloring we went to their backyard to play basketball. I sat out with little Macy and Jersey  because poor Jersey sprained her ankle a few days ago. Eventually dinner was ready and boy was it yummy!! I think coco cola ham is one of my new favorites.
Later we booked it over to the Shaws house to eat even more! It was fun to see her chinawear and thanksgiving table set up. All of us sitting at the long table reminded me of home and made me feel like theyre really not that far away. The Shaws are by far one of my favorite families in the Branch, they are so funny. After dinner we helped with dishes and then sat around and talked. We went on to play the grandma game, signs, and heads up. We laughed quite a bit. To finish the night off we went to a nonmembers house, the Endz. They offered us pie but I was waay to full to eat anything ever again. The Elders are bottomless pits though haha so they ate enough to make up for us Sisters.
Us missionaries are very blessed, so many people spoil us! I’m thankful for being called here to Oklahoma to gain more family. ❤ 
Every night we’ve been going to the Festival of Light where we meet people from all over! Every now and then we’ll get a random mormon family that stops us to ask us where we’re from and to say Merry Christmas. But for the most part we try to stop others and share a messege about Jesus Christ. 🙂 We have the awesome new cards about #LightTheWorld so we’ve been telling everyone and their dog about it. I am soo excited for Christmas!!!
A sweet little miracle is we found a less active couple that we had been planning to go meet in Ninnekah. They live in a further out town so we havnt had the time to go out their yet. We were walking out of Walmart and decided to help this old couple put their groceries in their truck. The first thing the old lady said was “Are you a Jehova Witnesses?” We laughed and said “No, we’re from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!” She smiled and said “Me too.” She went on to tell us who she and her cute old husband was, we got so excited haha. We talked with them for a little and met their daughter that was from Utah. It was nice to meet them, I swear old people sure know how to give the sweetest compliments.
Sunday I was asked to give a talk.. I’ve given more talks in this year of being a missionary then in my 19 years of life combined haha. I’m grateful that I’ve spoken this much though because I feel like I’m over my fear of public speaking and I have so much more confidence speaking from the Spirit. I talked about Scriptures 🙂 and if you haven’t already looked up the defintition of ‘Scripture’ in the Bible Dictionary you should.. The last sentence is pretty crazy! And go to Doctrine and Covenants 68:3-6! ❤ Set a pattern to read your Scriptures everyday, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want to speak to you. 🙂
Well I hope and pray y’all had a sweet Thanksgiving and was able to spend it with friends and family. I think I ate enough food to last me the year, it was great. 🙂 I love y’all so much and am beyong grateful for every single one of you. Don’t forget to tell Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and your whole family how thankful you are for them!! ❤ Christmas is coming! #LightTheWorld!!!! Go to!! Love y’all!
Sister Long

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