December 12, 2016

This week has been pretty crazy for us too. We went to Noble to have exchanges with the Sisters and I was with the STL all day! Sister Holly is so sweet and we had a blast. We split the area and got to see how the people of Noble are beyond sweet, I hope to serve there someday. Sister Holly is convinced I’m the next STL but I refuse hahaha I don’t want to train or be an STL or anything, being a normal missionary is enough for me! But I won’t tell y’all if I become one because I want to be humble. We had interviews with President on Saturday and I seriously love and adore him and Sister Mansell. President Mansell kept telling me how proud he was and gave me a “dad hug” that’s what he calls the hugs he gives sisters haha I wanted to happy cry. Life is interesting.   I’ve been scared a few times. Like one night at 1015 we heard a knock on our door and I panicked and pulled Sister Webber into my closet. She was giggling and saying how ridiculous I was being and I was like sushhing her while calling the Elders. I called the Elders and was whispering to them saying to come over right now. They came over and the crazy lady was by then banging on our door and she snapped at the Elders asking where “Derek” was and the Elders were like “Derrick doesnt live there, the sisters do.” and she was like “DERRICK, YOU SAID DERRICK, WHERE IS DERRICK? HE’S IN THERE!” bahaha and then she ran off and banged on random cars with her hands. ROTFL I totally had a reason to be scared. But if you ask Sister Webber she’ll say she never banged on our door she just knocked a few times LOL FALSE!! Things like that happen every now and then.. like last night a guy in a hoody walked past our window a million times so we called the elders.. my bed is right by the window so I had my blanket up over my face with my eyes showing. Lol as if that would disguise me. We refused to move in fear he’d see our shadow. And then we see a tall and short man walk past like goobers and I panicked and was like now theres two of them!! It was the Elders checking out the premises. Well members are starting to spoil us for Christmas!! We already got some cute clothes from Sister Estes and she took us out to pick out lipstick for us haha I’ve been wearing it almost everyday and it makes her so happy. She is the cutest Texan I’ve ever met. We have still been going to the Festival of Lights quite often and they’ve started to blast Christmas music there so it makes it more magical. 🙂 I love Christmas. We’ve met people from all over and I have no doubt we have helped touch their hearts. We’re excited for Emily too to start teaching her more lessons next week before her getting ready to be baptized. And Labinot almost cried at our last lesson with him, the Spirit was so strong! It’s exciting to see how the Gospel can change peoples hearts. Tell everyone sorry that I didn’t write a group letter

and that I love them more than cream puffs! I’ll make sure to send a letter next week ❤ don’t forget Jesus Christ really is the reason for the season! 🙂 I LOVE Y’ALL!! STAY BLESSED!

Sister Jessica Long

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