December 19, 2016

❄Dear Friends and Family,


Christmas is just around the corner!! I can honestly say that December is the best month to be a missionary. Everyone is jolly and willing to hear a message about Jesus Christ. All the stores smell like cinnamon and every house we go into has a bright decorated tree, I love Christmas. There’s so many miracles I’ve seen! Many individuals have touched my heart and I pray I’ve touched theirs too.
We recently had our Branch breakfast Christmas Party that us missionaries helped quite a bit with. We got to hang snowflakes from the ceiling and put fake presents up on the walls. Sister Robertson, took us out to eat at a nice restaurant because of our hard work, she spoiled us. Members have been extra sweet to us missionaries!! Grandma Sharp gave us stalkings full of candy. Sister Craft and Estes bought us a bunch of presents like scarves and wallets. And Grandpa Joiner just surprised us last night with a knock on our door! Sister Webber and I opened it up in our pj’s only to see Grandpa standing in the cold with presents in his hands. He bought us each a snowman blanket and told us to wrap our first baby in it someday. We told him we love him and he most genuinely said he loves us back. I got a little emotional.
The Branch party really was great though, we had a sweet less active mother and son show up that we sat next to. The son is autistic and knew how to make everyone laugh. We played with his hot wheels cars and had a good ol’ time. I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said a Jetti and proceeded to act like he had a light sabor. He was SO funny! Before the blessing on the food he yelled out “NO, I’M TAKING THESE TWO GIRLS TO TACO BELL!” Then during the little Christmas performance there’s a bald member sitting on a chair being the announcer and Matthew went up and put his hand on his bald head for a minute or two. I cried from laughing. I will never forget that sweet kid. We are actually helping a member to deliver gifts for them this Christmas as a secret Santa. 🙂 We’re pretty excited.
Saturday our car got grounded in the evening because it started to snow and the news was telling everyone there was going to be an ice storm. We also got an unexpected call from the Stillwater Sisters saying President wants them to stay the night with us because of really bad weather. They were traveling home from a baptism in one of their previous areas and the roads were getting too scary to drive. So.. we had a sleepover!!! It was seriously a gift from Heavenly Father because we needed a fun girls night. ❤ I love Him.
The weather has been all over the place lately, I keep joking around saying the news casters will say “a high of 87 and a low of 2”. I’ve been stocking up on soups because I feel an ice storm coming! And when it does I will be thankful I have a mini food storage 😉 you can never be too prepared. One of the Sisters from Stillwater ate everything in our apartment hahaha including Sister Webbers Dorritos, she was devastated. But don’t worry I bought 10 more cans of soup and my comp doesn’t like soup so I won’t go hungry Mom.
Emily, our investigator, still wants to be baptized but I think it’ll be more till the end of January when she does. 🙂 We’re excited for her! Our other investigator Labinot is starting the Addiction Recovery Program for smoking. He sure is a good father and wants to be better for them. We have a few others that we hope to help bring closer to Jesus Christ too! We have quite a few new people we’re teaching along with recent converts and less actives. My heart is sure getting attached to a lot of people here in Oklahoma.
I really do love my mission and am so blessed to be able to change and grow into who God wants me to be. I was struggling a little bit with trying to figure out who Jessica is and who Sister Long is and how to connect the two as one.. and I finally feel like I’m 100% both. I know I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and that I will forever be a missionary! 🙂 Heavenly Father loves us for who we are and calls us missionaries to specific places for specific reasons and to specific people. You betcha bottom I’ll cherish every moment They give me here in Oklahoma! 🙂
I Know that Jesus Christ set the perfect example and we just need to follow Him to have the most possible joy. I Know that He lives. I Know that he understands us perfectly. And I Know that He is the Savior and Redeemer of the World.
I love y’all more than words could ever say. I pray y’all will have a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Sister Jessica Long
(P.S. Don’t forget to Light The World at!) ❤

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