December 25, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

This is one bizarre week! BIG NEWS…
I’m staying in Chickasha!! But… 3 out of 4 missionaries are leaving, so I’m the only one staying! Sister Oldroyd is coming here, and I don’t know her yet but I’m sure I’ll love her. And no Elders are coming back so we’re taking over their area as well and only sisters will be here!! My eye has been twitching because of how much is going on hahah. We are moving into the Elders apartment so we have to pack and clean everything by Wednesday.
President changed pday to Saturday rather than Monday so we can have a fun Christmas Eve and Christmas. 🙂 We got permission to spend pday with the Norman zone since they’re doing something closer than our zone. Which I’m perfectly happy with because all us Sisters are going shopping at the mall and then playing games with the whole zone after. And yay Sister Ballantyne will be there!
OH! We had Christmas conference and it was a blast! I got to see all my past companions and get a picture with them!! We had a ginger bread house making contest with all the missionaries and then a “guess that baby slideshow” I turned bright red when my picture popped up and President Mansell thought it was hilarious so he kept it on for a little to drive me crazy and so everyone could see my reaction hahah thanks President.. 🙂 They also fed us lunch and dinner and we all got to visit and play games.
Well I’m excited for Christmas tomorrow!!!!! ❤ I’ll give more details next Monday 🙂 OH OH OH I also got permission to go to the Temple Tuesday for a member in my last area I worked with!! Sister Parsons is taking out her endowments!!! ❤ I am so excited! LOTS going on and transfers are Wednesday! Ahhhh! I love y’all!! Merry Christmas!!!!
A Sister Missionary about to go CRAZY 😉
Sister Long ❤
an artifact that dates pre columbus that I accidentally touched… lol I didnt know until after! Of course I picked up and played witht the oldest thing in the whole museum. Why is it in the attic if it’s important??? Pat just ;laughed and said “oooh ooh yes lets not touch that” hahaha

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