January 23, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,
EMILY GOT BAPTIZED! She looked beautiful and happy and I am just so blessed to have been able to see her make this big step in her life. ❤ She is the first in her family to be a member of the church! I am in awe with her making this decision at 12 years old and for having such a sweet testimony. I sure love her.
We had quite a few funny experiences this week! For one of the days we went on exchanges/split the area with the Noble Sisters. Sister Jones was my companion for the day, she’s a cute girl from Tooele with the sweetest little voice. We went to Helen’s house, an old lady that is one of our new investigators.. that might be slightly crazy hahaha. She is drop dead gorgeous for her age but like I said.. slightly crazy hahah. We were teaching the restoration and asked her something along the lines of “do you believe we have a prophet today?” She doesn’t have the best hearing so she yelled “Do I dance with Machetes?” ROTFL Every fiber of my being was trying not to laugh. I almost started laughing through my nose when Sister Jones was like “Close.” Then Helen said “Cause I’ve definitely done that before!” I feel like I should be concerned especially because she wants to have a slumber party. But then she gave us chocolate and I trusted her again. 🙂
I also have to tell y’all the funniest miracle I’ve had on the mission. Super last minute our Branch President asked us to teach the youth and our sunday school class at church for branch conference. We started throwing ideas at each other and one of them being an activity with a box and a banana.. except we didn’t have a banana.. so I let it go and we basically were going to wing it. Right when we walked into church this sweet mentally handicap girl named Sharla came up to us and handed us a banana!!!!!! SHE HANDED US A BANANA!! Sharla was in Relief society so we told the class the miracle and then Sister Dobbins, who was also in our sunday school class, reached into her bag and pulled out a banana! Saying “I brought one too!” I died hahah Heavenly Father was going to make sure we got a banana one way or the other. 🙂
Shane, an investigator that’s going to get married soon, came to church! He is the most golden investigator I’ve ever had. Literally we started teaching him two weeks ago and he is basically already Mormon. He is soaking up everything he has been learning and even shared a spiritual experience in sunday school. Our very first lesson with him he told us he knows The Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God! He has a baptism date for February 11th!! 🙂
Sad news… Cassie isn’t getting baptized this Wednesday. 😦 BUT! An investigator named Wilma I taught when I was a brand new missionary… is getting baptized Thursday!!!!! President is letting us go back to it because last transfer Sister Olroyd taught her too! So we will be going to Midwest City on Thursday and I get to see my old ward/family!!!!!! ❤ TOO BLESSED.
So I guess my mission is going pretty gosh darn great 😉 I love being a missionary! I love y’all more than words can say! I pray you have a sweet week and that you look for all the blessings around you from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. ❤ They sure do love us.
Love Always,
Sister Long 


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