January 30, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Goooodmorning! It’s a great day in Chickasha! (Chich-uh-shay) 🌞
Today it’ll be a whopping 70 degrees! And we’re going to Norman to go bowling with our zone and the Mansells🎳 Wahoo!

This’ll be a short letter this week! Just know that it’s been pretty gosh darn sweet. We got to go back to Midwest City to see both of our old investigators get baptized, Wilma looked absolutely beautiful! Her whole countenance from a year ago has changed, I almost didn’t recognize her. It makes me happy to see how the Gospel can change people’s hearts. ❤ We can’t wait for Shane to get baptized too on February 11th!!
One morning we were thinking about Yoshi, an 85 year old little Japanese lady, and how we needed to see her. We didn’t communicate that to each other though lol.. definitely the Spirit whispering to both of us. We went to the post office and when we were in the parking lot Yoshi, came dancing through the street to hug us. She told us to hold on as she went to mail something and when she came power walking out she told us to follow her. We got in our car and followed her to the Donut Shop where she insisting on buying us 30+ Donuts!! YOSHI!!! We got to sit down and have donuts and chocolate milk and visit with her. I know she’s lonely and Heavenly Father wanted us to go make her day but in return she made ours! 🍩 I sure love her.
I pray y’all have a sweet week! I love and miss y’all!!
Love Always,

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