February 20,2017


Dear Friends and Family,

I can’t begin to explain how much success we’re seeing in Chickasha! Heavenly Father sure is pouring out his blessing upon us! ❤ This Sunday we got to go to the Young Women’s New Beginnings and see all the girls sing a sweet song and look at the posters they made. Emily, our recent convert, gave her first little talk and it made me want to cry haha she is such a sweet girl. Her little Brother David and Sister Ashley come to Church every week too, I have no doubt they’ll get baptized. Ashley her sister just turned 11 and Chris turned 18 so we took them both icecream haha. Chris, our investigator, is getting baptized this next Sunday and is so excited!! He even told us he wants to go to the temple as soon as he can with the youth group!! I have no doubt he’ll stick to the church the rest of his life, he knows it’s true. 🙂
Shane, our other recent convert, sadly just had his wedding called off. He seems pretty shaken up, we’re going to go eat rocky road ice cream with him today, mourn with those that mourn right? Ice Cream really does fix everything. We’re grateful he joined the church when he did because now he has a whole Branch Family to be by his side and he knows he can rely on Heavenly Father and Christ.
All of us missionaries are starting the Addiction Recovery Program for things we need to work on haha I started mine on giving up Chocolate.. but then it got like super deep and it’s surfacing all my problems lol chocolate is just the tip of the iceberg. Our District meeting this last week was just like an AA meeting, it was really funny.  We also played dodgeball for morning sports and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. I was the only girl playing with 6 other Elders and somehow I ended up with all the balls in a corner protecting them like mother goose hahaha. I love being a missionary.
Oh and Valentines was sweet, we got to go to a chocolate convention!! We showed up at the end so everyone was giving us all that was left for free. BLESSED. So much for ARP.. 😉 we also saw all the old folk at the rest home, who every 10 seconds forgot it was Valentine’s Day hahaha. It was fun to see so many surprised faces though. One old lady kept talking to us like she was stuck in an old memory of doing crafts so she was telling us to get the card stock and plug something in, my guess was a hot glue gun. She was kind of bossy though haha and then she asked my companion if her scriptures were a battery and I was like “Yes! They energize your soul!” she didn’t think it was funny.. she was too busy making a greeting card. I kept laughing thinking my mom and her sisters will probably be like that someday. We love crafts! 🙂
Well I love y’all so much!!! ❤ I pray y’all have a happy day! Never forget Heavenly Father is fully aware of you and loves you more than you’ll ever know! 1 John 4:8 God is Love💟
Love Always,
Sister Jessica Long

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