April 27, 2017


Dear Friends and Family,

I am so blessed to be here in Chickasha! We got to witness Chris’ baptism yesterday!! It warmed my heart to see how happy he was and how a lot of the branch made sure to be there. Not only do we love him but everyone here has made him their own, he’s apart of the branch family now. Shane was at the baptism too, he sure is growing each and every day. In Priesthood he learned all about the last days so now he’s convinced Christ will come soon haha I just laughed and told him I hope He does! 

My weeks have been flying by, I honestly am having the hardest time remembering every day this week! We’ve been so busy that time just disappears. I got asked to give another talk in sacrament, this time it was about Refugees and how we need to be a refuge from the storm. I have given 10+ talks on my mission, I think they need to pick on someone else! Lol no, I’m grateful I’ve been asked to speak so often because I’ve been able to gain more confidence and feel closer to Jesus Christ. I’ll give y’all a glimpse of my talk! I came up with 3 L’s that we need to remember:

Listen- to the Spirit and their needs

Be a sincere friend and listen to their needs, their heart and their circumstances. A lot of us don’t know

how to help or what to say to a refugee if we were to ever meet one and that’s OK!

Jeffrey R Holland said “If we listen with love, we won’t need to wonder what to say. It will be given to

us by the Spirit.” The Spirit will help us know how to help and what to say.

D&C 84:85

Lighten- their burdens and serve

We need to serve them as Jesus Christ commands us.

Matthew 25:35-46

Love- thy brother as thyself

Matthew 22:37-39

If you love God you will love your neighbor and you will want to love and help the Refugees.

They truly are our brothers and sisters. As Linda K Burton says, we need to ask ourselves “What if their story were my story?”

That’s just a glimpse.. 🙂 it was funny because before my talk I ran to get a drink from the water fountain and it attacked me like a fire hose to the face! So I panicked in the hallway worrying about my makeup and Brother Shaw walks straight passed me and takes a drink and got attacked too, he had to take off his glasses to be able to see hahah. Some people learn from others experiences while some have to experience it for themselves… Don’t worry I warned everybody else. 🙂

Helen our 80 year old investigator had a dream she met an attractive fella at church so she came all snazzied up. She is too funny.. last time we went to her house she insisted on singing karaoke for us. As soon as we started recording her she ripped off her reading glasses and started dancing in her chair hahaha I think she might be slightly crazy though. Yoshii, the old Japanese lady, came to church too! And Fabian! Fabian was our waiter at Cotton Patch and stayed for all of church and even came back for Chris’ baptism!! He said if he doesn’t have to work he’ll come next week. He works every night this week so we’re going to go get desert and request him as our waiter so we can slyly teach him.

Heavenly Father keeps sending all these people our way that are already prepared, He’s making missionary work easy for us. ❤ Pretty soon the youth are having a temple trip, so Chris and Emily are wanting to go and Shane might come along with the leaders. 🙂 If so, we’ll get to see three of our recent converts in the temple!! I just love being a missionary. I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father, Savior and the Holy Spirit for getting me to come on a mission, it’s going to change and affect me for the rest of my life. Well I love y’all more than words can say! Have a sweet week!!

Love Always,

Sister Jessica Long


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