March 13, 2017



Dear Friends and Family,

Life in Chickasha is sweet, sweeter than the petrified donuts Yoshie fed us hahah most of them were rock hard so we all went outside and fed them to the birds. Not only are the birds happy… but we’re happy.. because.. Leona asked us if she could get baptized 🙂 She set her date for Easter!! She felt the Holy Ghost and got emotional telling us she wants to have the Spirit with her all the time. It warms my heart to see how much she’s changing and growing, I love Leona so much!

Helen our other investigators keeps making us laugh.. she is such a funny old lady! We called her the other night and she answered with “Is this the girl that plays the Saxophone?” And I was trying so hard not to laugh! I said “No, Helen this is the Sister Missionaries!” She said “You play the Saxophone.” So then I was like “No, I play the flute.” And she was like “Ooooh wow! You have to be long winded to play the flute!” I froze because I knew if I barely moved I’d start laughing uncontrollably hahaha she kept talking craziness and I couldn’t get a word in so then I put her on hold because we really needed to call a recent convert about an appointment.. I talked to the recent convert for 3 minutes and then took Helen off hold and she was still talking! At that point Sister Oldroyd was crying from laughing so hard. Okie talkers are my favorite.

Here in Chickasha, there’s a new restaurant called Cotton Patch that everyone is raving about! I kid you not, members have taken us there 15+ times. We have gained a bunch of potentials from it though. 🙂 Shoot, I actually don’t have much time because we’re going to Norman today!! We’re going to go hang out with a bunch of other missionaries at a place with hundreds of board games for 5 bucks! Steal of a deal! Just know we’re seeing a ton of success and loving every second of our missions!!! I literally met the coach for the Tennessee Volunteers Steve Stripling, director of Football program development yesterday too and he said he just hung out with Peyton Manning the other day. :O  He was visiting his mom at the rest home here.

I love y’all sooo much! Have a happy St Patty’s Day!!

Love Always,

Sister Jessica Long


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