March 20, 2017


Dear Friends and Family,

It feels like Spring! I love hearing all the birds chirp and seeing the patches of green grass start to pop up. Oklahoma is beautiful, I’m one lucky girl to be here! Transfers are coming up soon so I should know by next week if I’m leaving or not.. I have a feeling my time in Chickasha is up, but ya never know. 🙂

We’ve seen quite a few miracles this week! One of the days I was driving while my comp was talking to the other Sisters on the phone. We passed a teenage boy on the side of the street walking and I felt the Spirit tell me to talk to him. I turned the car around and we told the Sisters we’d call them back later. We got out of the car and started running to this kid who at the time was now behind a building hahah we probably looked like creeps. And we asked him where the post office was (we definitely know where the post office is) he didn’t know.. but come to find out his Grandma and Mom are less active members and he would come to church with them when he was little! He said he’s going to try to come to church!! 🙂

Another miracle is we were trying to find members that just moved into the area, but ended up meeting Shelly! One of the guys in our ward described the house we needed to find.. and the only house that was close to the description was Shelly’s. We pulled up to her families house as her son and a daughter were riding bikes in the front yard. I asked the son if their mom was home and he told us no, and right then his mom pulled into the driveway with her mini van. The daughter yelled something implying she swore she knew who I was as we were getting out of the car. In my mind I was like “yeah maybe from the Spirit World!” haha Shelly came over to us and we started talking with her and come to find out her and her family just moved to Chickasha for her husbands job! She told us she very interested in family history and that one of her friends has been starting to meet with the Mormons. She wants to come to a family history class with us and we gave her a Book of Mormon!! She was so sweet and said she’ll read and pray about it!!! We’re so excited to go back and see her soon.

We had exchanges this week and I was with fun Sister Cook!! I love all the missionaries here ❤ I love all the people here! I am just too blessed. I don’t have much time left to write because we’re heading to Norman to have that Nerf war today! Oh and how could I forget!!! Emily and Chris, our recent converts, are going to the Temple Wednesday with the youth and we get to go with! I’m so happy for them. ❤ Well I love y’all!! I hope you have a sweet week and remember to thank Heavenly Father for all the beauty around you 🙂 I know I sure do! I wish y’all could see all the colorful birds with the rad mohawks here in Ooooklahoma. I LOVE Y’ALL FOREVER!

Love Always,

Sister Jessica Long


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