March 27, 2017

DSCN5347 (1)


Dear Friends and Family,

I don’t have much time this week so I might have to do bullet points… 🙂
-Nerf war was a blast!.. Until I got hit in the eye and it basically made my pupil disappear hahaha
-Chris went to the Temple and did baptisms for the first time!! It was such a sweet experience.
-Sharla got her endowments, she is just too happy!
-I took 3 brothers to the temple to get baptized and Chris got baptized for one of them!
-A Temple worker pulled us aside to tell us David Archuleta was in the temple!
-We got super solid new investigators!
-Helen cried at women’s conference! We’re going to set a bap date this next week.
-7 new ladies came to women’s conference!
-During the word of wisdom lesson in Sunday school Helen said “I just had an idea! Instead of using my coffee pot for coffee I’ll use it for my ramen noodles!” SOLID.
-oh and….
I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am!! I literally knew Maddie Mederez from before the mission, she was in my singles ward!! I seriously adore her. ❤ Here’s one of our many pictures from seeing her throughout the mish. AHHH I LOVE HER. I AM SO BLESSED. I’ll miss Chickasha and will most likely cry a few more times saying goodbye to the people here but I know that life goes on. 💕 HERE I COME BARTLESVILLE!!! AHHHH!
Love Always,
Sister Jessica Long

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