April 3, 2017


Dear Friends and Family,

I LOVE HEAVENLY FATHER FOR SENDING ME TO BARTLESVILLE!! I LOVE HERMANA MEDEIROS!! We’re having way too much fun together. 🙂 We live in an old hotel on the 3rd floor, it’s definitely the coolest apartment in the mission.
We get to ride the elevator every day and it does the cute “ding” every time! And don’t even get me started on the mail room. I’ll make sure to send y’all some pictures. I’m praying that I get to stay here the rest of my mission with Hermana Medeiros lol which probably isn’t realistic because we go home on the same day. But just y’all wait, we’re going to come off that plane in cowgirl hats and boots! Yeeehaw! I could maybe even see myself living here in Bartlesville someday.. it’s that great. 🙂 It’s a historic town because it’s where Philips 66 all began! How fun is that? Gosh Bartlesville is stealing my heart. The people are already treating me like family and they cook the yummiest food. We have the sweetest investigators too, they’re some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Oh and how could I forget, Conference was great! Our leaders are very inspired to tell us what we need to hear. 🙂 Well I don’t have much time left but I looove being a missionary and I love my new district!! We’re laughing a ton, especially since our district leader is growing a carrot garden and he drives a mini van aka Mama Whale. I love y’all and I pray you’re having as much fun as we are!! 🙂
Love Always,
Sister Jessica Long
(P.S. Don’t forget to watch the new Easter video on Mormon.org!! It’s all about our Savior, Jesus Christ and how He brings us Peace. #PrinceofPeace)

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