April 17, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

I went to Kansas!! I got to spend the day with Sister Jenkins on exchanges. 🙂 We had a blast, especially when a stray dog helped us tract. We even got to go to the zoo to talk to people.. and monkeys. We also had zone conference where I realized I only have two more left until I’m the ones giving my departing testimony! I’ve had a lot of flashbacks this week, especially when we got to go to a mission call party for a member in our ward. Joe Lard got called to the West Salt Lake City Mission!! So I’m way excited to see if he’ll end up serving in my home ward. This was a pretty exciting week with it being Easter and all. I can honestly say the best time to be a missionary is during Easter, I feel so blessed to be able to bring others and myself closer to Jesus Christ. I know that He really is my Savior, brother, and best friend. I love Him for always being by my side and loving me unconditionally, I hope He knows I’ll always be by His side too. We got to spend the day with the Lards and Vaclaws!! They seriously treat us like family and spoil us to the max, this last week  the Vaclaws even took us to eat at the Price Tower! It’s a famous building that was built with no 90 degree angles. Gosh, I feel like I have so much to say! Our investigators are doing well, Jessica wants her husband to baptize her! And the Nicoles kids took our tags this last lesson and taught us all the lessons. ❤ It’s incredible that their mom lets us teach them! I pray someday they’ll be missionaries, they are already growing so much in the gospel. Dylan, one of the kids went to scout camp this week so we just had 4 of the girls along with Brother Mcbroom haha who is a certified clown. We all had fun decorating sugar cookies and taking silly videos. I swear those kids are stealing my heart, a lot of the people here in Bartlesville are! We got invited to a breakfast for the Laurels and we all got the giggles playing chubby bunny with peeps.. not to brag but I definitely won a bubble wand. LOL I stuck the wand out our mini van window.. it was sooo funny to see bubbles flying out out of Mama Whale on the main roads. Sister Missionaries are weird. 😉 actually I think missionaries in general are weird haha Elder Dutson, our district leader, is still on a gardening kick. He keeps committing me to plant a garden and then promising me blessings if I do so, I told him I’d pray about it and ask my mom. Hermana M and I are having ridiculous amounts of fun!! We went to the ward Easter Egg Hunt where I think we had more fun than the kids. We got to hold the cutest bunnies, so now we’re going to get pet sister bunnies when we get home. There’s only one problem, she’s definitely allergic. Oh my.. and I got egged dramatically in the chest hahah20170415_112614 we did an egg toss with real eggs and we got a little extreme trying to show people up. And don’t even get me started on the 3-legged race.. still not bitter. I just love my mission. I pray y’all had a Happy Easter and that you too were able to draw closer to Jesus Christ. All of us missionaries have a commitment to say one gratitude prayer a week, so I’m going to invite all y’all to do the same! 🙂 Tell Heavenly Father how grateful you are for everything He’s given you. I love y’all!!!

Love Always,
Sister Jessica Long

(P.S. the past two nights we have had the COOLEST lightning storms. I wish you could see how thick the bolts are, it’s insaaaane!)

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