May 1, 2017


Dear Friends and Family, 

This week has been full of miracles! I almost died.. I’m convinced angels saved us! We were having a little crepe party after district meeting and somehow managed to forget a pan.. So while some missionaries went home to grab one the other half of us were impatient and tried to find metal pots to experiment with hahah and an Elder had the bright idea to use a glass casserol dish.. He said he totally cooked on the stove with it before. We were all standing around it as Sister Soreson buttered it up and then …. BAM! It exploded. It felt like slo-mo and I thought for sure a chunk of glass pierced my heart. We all looked at each other in shock to see who got hurt but all the pieces somehow shot past us.. Which doesn’t make sense because we were all shoulder to shoulder around the dish. I kept trying to feel all over to see if the pain just hasn’t hit yet.. But still nothing. Just thinking about it.. WOW! I’m still in awe, I have no doubt angels protected us. ❤ I’m sure it was probably our ancestors, my grandma and grandpa were like oh great that’s my granddaughter being ridiculous. 🙂
In other news, our investigators are doing well! Jessica came with us to a baptism the Elders were having and she kept jumping up and down saying she can’t wait for hers. Bishop told her husband he just has to quite smoking for two weeks to be able to baptize her. We’re all praying she’ll be able to enter the waters of baptism on May 19th. 🙂
Darren and his family are doing awesome, I LOVE them! Ashley is waiting for her divorce to be finalized and figured out from a few years ago, once it gets settled I have no doubt they’ll get married. 🙂 Ashley is the member and Darren is taking the lessons. They are both way down to earth and did I mention hilarious? I love them! Darren said his first vocal prayer with us, the Spirit definitely touched hearts. Darren also asked some of the priesthood holders in the ward to give his sick baby a blessing and afterward he said he’d be calling them all the time haha we told him he’d have the Priesthood soon enough and he said “yeah, maybe!” jokingly. Haha it’s just a matter of time before they get married, he gets baptized and they get sealed as a family. ❤ I hope, I hope, I hope!
The Nichols kids came to church, they are little angels. Their Dad got baptized not long ago and then moved to Nevada so theyre living with their mom, Jennifer. Jennifer isn’t interested in the church but is allowing us to teach all her kids. It amazes me how smart they are! They all want to get baptized but are most likely going to wait till they’re a little older. I will do everything it takes to come back for their baptism someday! 🙂 in the mean time the ward is taking them under their wings and loving them as their own kids, it’s wonderful! I love those kid safety, I hope to have children just like them. ❤
Funny: Hermana Medeiros and I got invited to a family reunion and were invited to be in the family photos… ROTFL! It was so much fun! We met all our aunts and uncles for the first time, they definitely thought we were family. Hey we are! We’re all brothers and sisters right? 😉 Sister M and I are laughing way too much together, we’re hoping to stay together one more transfer! Just one more, please. 🙂
Well I love y’all and I pray you have a sweet week! I know we are with all this crazy weather!! 🙂 LOTS of lightning and thunder and constant flood warnings. It’s a good thing we’re on the 3rd floor. 😉
Oh my gosh I forgot our crazy new investigator miracles… I guess y’all will have to wait till next week! I’m just keeping y’all on your toes because I love you!
Love Always,
Sister Jessica Long

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