May 8, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Sister Medeiros and I are staying together for another transfer and we are soooo excited! We jumped up and down screaming last night when we found out. We are going to see so many more miracles together here in Bartlesville.

We have Ben’s Baptism this Saturday and then Jessica’s is the following week on Friday. We went over the baptism questions with Ben last night and the Spirit was very powerful as he bore his testimony on each question. It was sweet because we had Chandler, a boy preparing to go on a mission, come with us and he asked Ben the last question. Chandler asked him “When you are baptized, you covenant with God that you are willing to take upon yourself the name of Christ and keep His commandments throughout your life. Are you ready to make this covenant and strive to be faithful to it?” Ben smiled real big and said yes and Chandlers grin was ear to ear, haha it melted my heart. Ben has changed a lot, his whole countenance is brighter. Jessica is glowing too, every time we see her she is so giddy and smiley. She is having the time of her life planning who is doing what at her baptism.

Yesterday Bishop Wood got released, we’re going to miss working with him. 😦 We sure love him. Bishop King is the new Bishop and is going to do great though, he brings a lot of enthusiasm to missionary work. It was funny because Hermana Medeiros and I guessed it spot on who would be Bishop and 1st and 2nd councilor. 3 out of 3 BOOYAH!

I got to be in a trio twice this week and LOVED it! I went to Ranch Creek with Sister Warren and Chamberlin and then to the UCO Campus with Sister Williams and Fuller. I sure love those girls. ❤ In Ranch Creek it was May the 4th so we went to a huge Star Wars gathering on Main Street haha we had a blast talking to everyone. On Saturday at the UCO Campus we went to a few appointments and just had fun being goofs. AND GET THIS! Sister Wedemeyer, my old companion, is in their ward! Krista moved back to Oklahoma!! She met up with us for lunch with her Fiance along with the Elders in that area, Elder Ball and Warren. Both Elders I served with! Gosh, it was such a blessing. It really was such a sweet surprise to see Krista though, I sure love and miss her to death. ❤ Now I’m just hoping President will let me go to her wedding..

Last P-Day we went bowling with our cute little investigators, the Nichols kids. I sure love them with my whole heart, I hope to have kids just like them someday. We’re praying this next transfer their Mom will allow them to get baptized. ❤ They’re excited to sing in the Primary performance on Sunday for all the Moms, I can’t promise I won’t tear up.

Well I love y’all so much!! I pray y’all are having as much fun as Sister Medeiros and I 😉 She is definitely my sister. OH and we get to go PAINT BALLING with 40+ missionaries today!! President and Sister Mansell will probably be there too, I’m pretty sure we have the coolest mission in the World. Sister Lard is taking us to lunch and then she’s joining the battle too, bandanas and all ❤ I’m sure I’ll give you all the details next week.. if I survive haha wish me luck! I LOVE Y’ALL!!!!

Forever and Always,

Sister Long

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