June 5, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank y’all for the Birthday wishes!! It feels great to be 21 in Oklahoma. I woke up to see decorations all over our apartment, Sister  Medeiros is the best!  And Sister Wood took us out to a fancy lunch and insisted on buying me a lemon pie..🍋 BLESSED. Then the day was mostly spent doing missionary work, which I love. And to wrap it all up, Sister Lard took us to girls camp for dinner and all the cute girls sang to me! I am one lucky girl. 🙂
Life in Bartlesville is sweet, we’re working with a few new people like Emily and Kaitlyn. We went to lunch with them this last week and had fun getting to know one another. We’ve had a few lessons with Emily which have been great! One of the lessons we invited her to pray about Jospeh Smith and she texted us this the next day:
“Last night I was confused about Joseph Smith so I prayed to Heavenly Father to see if it was true. Again, I felt the Spirit so strongly just say “yes” and a sense of peace washed over me. Of course, I am annoying so I was like “uh are you sure” and I felt the peace become more powerful and I heard “yes, yes” even more loudly. So I guess that answers that question haha.”

I am SO very happy for Emily, she is going to get baptized on September 2 at the OU college YSA ward by one of her friends. 🙂 she’s going to be traveling quite a bit this summer but will be in Bartlesville off and on so when she is here we’ll have lessons. She’s hoping there’ll be English wards in the different countries she’ll be in.. She’s seriously amazing!! I have no doubt she’ll be a friend I keep in touch with forever, she is just waaaay too much fun to be around! I love her!

Well I love y’all and I pray you have a happy week. ❤️
Love Always,

Sister Long

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