May 29, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

First off.. this is the text our mission President sent all of us missionaries today “To the best missionaries in the world: please enjoy a full day pday today. You will not need to be proselyting tonight. Enjoy the day and recharge. Please be in at 9:00 pm. We love you all!!”

Literally this is the first full day I’ve had off in almost a year and a half!! 😀 President and Sister Mansell are the best. The Allreds took us to this amazing zoo today where we got to feed baboons and tigers and hold giant snakes and hedgehogs and bottle feed camels.. we did basically everything because we got a V.I.P. pass. No biggie. 😉 It’s the zoo that became famous because of the Tiger Pups. We had the time of our lives, I can’t wait to send pictures. Now we just have to decide what to do with the rest of our day.. maybe fishing! 🙂

This past week we saw lots of miracles, the members must really love us because we’ve gotten tons of referrals. We also got word that a recent convert from the OU campus will be in our ward for the summer. Kaitlyn looks like Taylor Swift and has such a powerful testimony, so much so that she was sharing it with her little sister Logan. Logan is pretty busy with softball competitions but she wants to make time to learn more, so we are now teaching her. We were bummed that Kaitlyn had to work on Sunday but to our surprise a new face showed up with a member that also moved home from college for the summer. Her name is Emily and she is so excited to continue to meet with the missionaries. Emily is leaving for a study abroad to Germany in the next month or two and told us that she prays there will be an LDS church there that speaks english haha she is awesome. Just wait it gets better.. come to find out Emily was Kaitlyn’s roommate at college!! SMALL WORLD.

Jessica got confirmed on Sunday! Her and her family are beyond happy. 🙂 We will be attending the temple with her and Kaitlyn here soon! Ben is also doing well and is working towards getting the Priesthood. He is nervous to get it so we’ve been teaching him and bringing Priesthood holders over to explain the Priesthood and how great it is. 🙂 The members here are so willing to help with the work, Heavenly Father is truly blessing Bartlesville because of it.

We have another new investigator named Jada that we spotted playing in the driveway with her kids one day. Jada wants to have set lessons with us every Tuesday and seems to love The Book of Mormon. 🙂 We’re way excited to be teaching her.. and maybe her mom too! Her mom was watching the kids when we went over there one day, she was pretty guarded at first.. but when she opened up she asked us a bunch of questions about missionary work. After one question she looked at us and said “this is so crazy.” we asked why and she said “This morning I was studying the Bible and I read about how the Lords servants travel two by two!” Hermana Medeiros and I looked at eachother and smiled real big and said “Yup, we’re the Lords servants.” 🙂 So we’re going to start teaching the mom as well! MIRACLES.

On the hottest day of the week Hermana M and I were out biking and found a poor little turtle in the middle of the road. We decided to save it and try to find it a home. So we started biking with Harvey in a little sack and took him around to different members. It was way funny to see their reactions. Nobody wanted him so we figured we’d take him to a little river.. on our way there we decided to make a last minute stop at the Shumperts. Our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Shumpert, got excited and ran to grab his two little boys, Matthew and Simon. Matthew came running out with his hands in the air and screamed “TUUURTLE!” It was the cutest as Simon came wobbling behind. Brother Shumpert asked what we were going to do with him and we told him we were going to let him go. And he then asked if they could just keep it!! We all went around to their backyard where they released it into a little kiddie pool full of rocks and Matthew renamed Harvey, Charlin. We literally found this cute little family a new pet turtle. ❤ The next day at church little Matthew ran in dramatically and said Charlin escaped.. it was pretty funny but hey we at least we made a memory we’ll all never forget.  🙂

The mission is wonderful and we are just having way too much fun, I feel strongly this is the best place Heavenly Father could have ever sent me to serve. I love the people and I love feeling my Savior walking with me everyday. ❤ I am waay to blessed to be stressed. I pray y’all have a Happy Memorial Day and know that we will see all our loved ones again thanks to our loving Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love y’all.

Love Always and Forever,

Sister Jessica Long



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