June 12, 2017

group piv
Dear Friends and Family,

This week we got to help out Camp Clintmatock with the cute little scouts. I was in charge of the marshmallow bug station! Somehow the bugs transformed into monsters and I just told them free game hahah it was so much fun. We only helped for two hours but those little boys stole my heart.. gosh I can’t wait to have kids!

We also went on exchanges this week so I got to spend the day in Verdigris with Sister White! She is such a sweet sister! 🙂 We saw a lot of miracles and met people who I will forever remember. It was funny because we got to help out at a little girls baptism and her last name was Long. So there’s all these Longs walking around asking if I’m related or telling me that I look like I have the same facial characteristics of their family hahah who knows… maybe I found long lost relatives. 😉

This week consisted of meetings.. and more meetings..  I think I’m all meeting’d out. We got to meet Elder Echohawk from the Area of the 70 though! He talked about Native Americans and how we need to bring the Gospel to the descendants of the Lamanites. 🙂 It was cool to hear him speak to our mission since Oklahoma is known for having lots of Natives. After one of the meetings I got asked to say the closing prayer so I got to talk with him and his wife and come to find out they were just in Kirtland New Mexico! Where I grew up! Sister Echohawk started naming all these people I know and telling me the latest scoop haha it was pretty funny. SMALL WORLD. I keep meeting people lately that know people I know.. 🙂 We’re all connected somehow right?

But we’re doing great and loving life! Sister Hermana Medeiros and I are following Presidents saying of “Work Hard. Be Obedient. And Have Fun.” 🙂 We’re even starting this next level plan for our area to get more member referrals.. I’ll keep y’all posted with the miracles we see. Our goal is to be those missionaries that everyone remembers.

Well, I love y’all so much and am truly thankful for all the encouragement and love I receive! I am growing and changing a lot on the mission to become more like my Savior, Jesus Christ. He is so very wonderful, someday I hope to be just like my Brother. ❤

Love Always,

Sister Jessica Long


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