July 3, 2017

Mission leadership council – amazing elders and sisters!

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Dear Friends and Family,

This week has gone by way too fast! All I can say is Mustang is seeing soo many miracles!! Rumor in the mission was that Mustang was a slow area to be in and that the work just wasn’t rolling here.. but that’s RIDICULOUS because we’ve gotten over 20 new people to teach in two weeks. And the Elders are seeing just as many miracles too, if not more! Mustang is the place to be. πŸ™‚
One of the days we decided to go tracting and knocked on Terry Payne’s door! He was a little guarded at first but then opened up as we started talking about his kids and grand kids and their plans for the 4th. They’re heading up to their houseboat for the weekend.. jealous. πŸ™‚ We ended up sharing The Book of Mormon with him and he told us he’ll read it with his whole family! And that we can come back anytime, that we’re always welcome. We’re so excited to go back this next week.
We shared the gospel with a lady named Rebecca and her mom. Rebecca has her own business as a horse trainer and told us all about it πŸ™‚ We offered to come help out on her ranch for an hour and she told us to come today! I’m kind of bummed I sent home my cowgirl hat.. but I’ll still pretend I’m a cowgirl. πŸ˜‰ We’re bringing one of the young woman in our ward too so that’ll be fun for her to see what service on the mission is like haha we told her to get ready to get dirty.
We helped one of our investigators move this week and he is so solid!Β His name is Eric and he’s planning on getting baptized July 20th!Β His wife is the sweetest member, so we’re beyond happy for them. πŸ™‚ I just have so many miracles to share.. but not enough time! The girls I talked about in my last letter are still meeting with us! We met their dads and both dads said they’re more than ok with us teaching them BUT want to come to church with them for the first time. #jawdrops I guess if they really want to πŸ˜‰ MIRACLES!!
Okay okay last miracle.. on Sunday a guy named Scott randomly walked into sacrament and told us throughout his life he’s had a lot of Mormon friends and looks up to them. He loves how much we focus on families and wants his family to be closer. We answered a lot of his questions in the foyer and then he told us he’ll come back for the 11:00 ward because he needed to run some errands. Anyhow, come to find out he’s in the Elders area anyways so the Elders had their first lesson with him and he already wants to be baptized!! He knows it’s true!!
I just love being a missionary and being able to be apart of this sweet work. ❀ We have been having way to much fun being the Lords servants. Oh and how could I forget! We got to go to a 4th of July festival with 20+ missionaries and we were in charge of the fake tattoo station for little kids, we laughed a lot.. especially when the Elders took over our station. I am so happy I get to spend the 4th here in Oklahoma. Apparently Mustang is the only place legal to shoot of fireworks within miles so everyone comes from all over to be here. IT’S GOING TO BE A WAR ZONE. WAHOO! Have a Happy 4th everyone! Thanks to everyone who has and who is fighting for our country.󾓦
Love Always,
Sister Long

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