June 26, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

Mustang is wonderful, and so is my new companion Sister Nicoll! We are having way too much fun shotgunning a new area. We didn’t have a GPS for the first few days so we got the giggles quite a bit roaming the streets with a map. Oh and we have a truck so we feel pretty cool.. and our apartment is super fancy! The pool is just outside our window so it’s funny because every morning we look out at it longing to swim.. it’s way too hot in Oklahoma. Mustang really is one of the best areas though, especially when the members keep throwing referrals at us. 🙂 We have seen so many miracles already, one in itself is that we gained 8 new people to teach in just a few days. Hard work is paying off!
One of the miracles was a highlight of my mission! ❤ We were trying to find a part members house when we stopped in front of a house with three twelve year old girls sitting in the driveway. We told them we’re missionaries and they looked at us in awe haha they kept saying how crazy it was we came because they were looking up at the clouds and asking each other questions about Heaven. We told them Heavenly Father sent us and the Spirit was so strong! They all had the biggest grins. We proceeded to tell them about the Plan of Salvation and they kept saying how cool it was haha we have a return appointment with the girls on Thursday. We are SO excited.
We really have seen so many miracles already and I can’t wait to tell y’all all about them. I don’t have much time left but I truly love y’all with all my heart! And I love Mustang, I’m happy! Sister Nicoll and I are going to bring more love to Mustang than ever before. ❤ Have a sweet week!
Love Always,
Sister Long
(P.S. President changed our pday to July 4th and gave us the whole day off again! He is the BEST! And we will get one hour to email on the 3rd! Talk to y’all then!!)


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